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What security solutions are best used in preventing security breaches or concerns in the hospitality sector? Focusing on access control and video surveillance 

Hotel security is paramount to the leisure and hospitality industry. Without the security of privacy and access, hotels are functionless. Many people retreat to hotels for leisure or for work, whether it is for one night, or two weeks, the element of exclusivity and privacy must remain a constant.  

Previously hotel security focused on intervention during a security breach, and to act after the event. However, this is no longer the case. Prevention methods are the popular choice when it comes to hotel security today, whether it is access control, video surveillance or even guarding. 

So, what are the latest prevention innovations on the market and how is this technology applied in the overall setting to increase efficiency, security and even sustainability? 

Access control 

Hotels need to make sure everything is safe and secure within the hotel property. This ranges from entryways, computer networks and various hotel assets across the whole property. To maintain a high level of security, using a traditional lock and key access system just wouldn’t do the job. Access control systems allow hotel owners to maintain security digitally and reduce security risks. 

Most hotels use access control systems to record and store information digitally and automate check-ins and check-outs. For example, having a hotel access control system lets staff easily and safely grant access to each guest room when a guest checks in. All the staff has to do is enable or disable each room digitally. This helps hotel admins facilitate the check-in and check-out process as well as efficiently manage all rooms. 

Access control systems are so convenient for hotels because they are wireless and easy to use. This can help the hotel staff easily access all rooms as they are on-the-go. It also boosts the guests’ experience, as it helps them seamlessly enter their room and other amenities within the hotel. 

Figuring out which type of access control system is the best for your particular hotel depends on your business’s security. Not every form of access control will make sense for every hotel. 

Discretionary Access Control (DAC): Some hotels are local or privately owned – including only 1 or 2 different sites. This hotel would likely have a single group of stakeholders or admins. Therefore, they would probably want immediate access to their security preferences as well as change access permissions as needed. The best system for this kind of hotel would be a Discretionary Access Control (DAC) system, which allows admins to change settings on-site.  


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