ProdataKey releases Touch App for its pdk io Access Control Platform

TouchAppProdataKey (PDK), manufacturer of the leading cloud access control platform built for mobile, have announced the release of its Touch app for Apple and Android devices.

The Touch app, which is available for free to all PDK customers, allows users to unlock entrances remotely with the push of a button on the mobile app. Only entryways matching the user’s permission level will be available to unlock. The Touch app is compatible with all pdk io systems and all doorways, regardless of the type of readers in place.

To begin making use of this new functionality, system administrators must enable the feature within the software, which now appears as a clickable option within the management dashboard. In addition, the administrator must indicate which individual users are authorized to use the app.

This allows employers to limit use of the app to certain employees, if desired, such as those at a managerial level or above. Once these two steps occur, authorized users will automatically receive an email from PDK with a link to download and set up the app on their smartphone.

Using the app, users can identify frequently used entryways as “favorites,” saving them to the home screen. This makes the ability to remotely unlock these entrances faster.

In addition to offering convenience to system users who prefer to stop carrying a physical credential with them at all times, it also allows them to remotely unlock doors to admit approved third parties, such as visitors or delivery people.

For employers who have installed PDK’s new touch io Bluetooth readers, the Touch app serves as home to their Bluetooth credentials, which grant them the most hassle-free entry experience possible. Without unlocking or accessing their phones as they approach a doorway, these users need only to gently touch their hand to the touch io reader in order to signal a desire to enter and unlock the door.

Evan Tree, ProdataKey’s CEO, said: “In addition to building the most robust and secure cloud access control solution on the market, PDK has been equally committed to harnessing the full power of smartphones to deliver the convenience and accessibility that today’s customers demand. With our new Touch app, we’ve raised the bar in terms of what users can, and should, expect from their access control system.”

The Touch app is available now to all pdk io customers.

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