Product Spotlight: Command Centre v9.10

Gallagher Security’s Command Centre v9.10 unlocks a new era of security technology for the workplace environment with a steer towards mobile credentials 

The latest release of Gallagher’s award-winning security site management software, Command Centre v9.10, marks a significant evolution for the security platform trusted to protect some of the world’s most critical sites.  

Mark Junge, Chief Executive at Gallagher Security explains, “Customers and Channel Partners of Gallagher who take advantage of this upgrade will benefit from a fast-evolving ecosystem of Gallagher Security technology that sets them up for the future.”  

With this release, digital wallet solutions further expand Command Centre’s credential capabilities, offering a seamless access experience and leveraging native technologies within ever-present personal devices, while automatic configuration for Gallagher’s next generation Controller 7000 offers streamlined upgrades and enhanced cyber protection. 

Capable of managing all localised access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security, business automation, and logic needs for organisations, the Controller 7000 represents a new generation of Gallagher Security technology. Building on the groundwork introduced with the Controller 7000 Single Door released in February 2023, the C7000 gives users an opportunity to leverage their hardware and firmware to build a platform designed to catapult their organisation into the future.  

“The beauty of upgrading to Command Centre v9.10 is the total solution benefit that can be realised by our customers. It unlocks Command Centre Web subscription-based licenses where Cardholder Administrators can be swiftly and easily updated in the cloud. It also realises the value of HBUS devices for improved speed, data protection, and automated scalability” adds Mark.  

Command Centre v9.10 also supports employee badges in Apple Wallet, enabling an easy, secure, and private access experience at Gallagher readers for users of iPhone and Apple Watch. With employee badge in Apple Wallet, businesses can seamlessly issue and manage access credentials for their employees with in-app provisioning via Gallagher’s Mobile Connect app. Employee badges in Apple Wallet are available for approved Gallagher customers in the United States, with global availability to be announced soon. 

“As we embrace the evolving needs of our customers, we constantly look for ways to expand the capabilities of our existing credentials and add support for new ones.” says Gallagher Security Chief Product Officer, Meredith Palmer.  

She continues: “Users of security solutions increasingly expect their access experience to ­­­­be seamless, leveraging native technologies built into the devices that they use every day.” 

An integration with Transact delivers university campuses a mobile-centric student experience and streamlines access, and administration with integrated payments, campus ID, and commerce solutions.  

Launched in May, Command Centre v9.10 marks a significant evolution for the security platform trusted to protect some of the world’s most critical sites.  

Mark summarises, “With our firm focus on the best quality hardware today, that provides a pathway to the best tech developments of tomorrow, our customers can be sure their investment in Gallagher Security is safe.”   

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