ProTel Solutions announces its new Gridlock Access Management System

ProTel Solutions are proud to announce the launch of the new Gridlock Access Management System at Counter Terror Expo this April.

The Gridlock System is a centralised access management system for controlling access to remote locations. The Gridlock system provides geographical views and GPS positioning of all remote locations and utilities locking mechanisms, wireless communications and radio frequency identification technology (RFID), to secure these remote locations. Access to remote locations becomes entirely permission-based, providing a high level of security as well as a complete record of all access transactions.

The Gridlock system has been designed in a generic configuration to enable it to be applied to different access management applications. The remote Gridlocks supplied are generic in design, which allows for easy adaptation to existing infrastructure in different applications areas. These currently include applications for the locking of manholes and equipment containers, pump stations, power substations, high voltage transformers, access tunnels or any location where there is a requirement to control access in real time.

The Gridlock system is an effective barrier against crime in exposed and remote environments. It provides an extremely high level of security and can be monitored and controlled on a global basis.

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