Putting the Frontline First at Security Buyer Live

Daniel Garnham

This May, join us at Security Buyer Live for an exclusive interview session with Daniel Garnham, President of the Security Industry Federation, as he discusses the pivotal role of frontline security workers. This insightful session, titled “Putting the Frontline First,” is set to take place during the virtual event on May 15-16.

Session Overview: “Putting the Frontline First” will provide a platform for understanding the challenges and recognition of frontline security personnel. Daniel Garnham, with his extensive background in law enforcement and cybercrime, will delve into the importance of acknowledging and supporting the critical role these professionals play in our daily safety.


  • Daniel Garnham – President of the Security Industry Federation and a former Police Officer with 20 years of service. Daniel is also a Director of Cyber Training at Gentium UK Cyber Training and a Subject Matter Expert in Cybercrime at Arden University. His career spans various facets of security, training, and digital transformation, making him a respected voice in the industry. Daniel’s mission is to enhance the culture and practice within the UK security industry and to ensure that the dedication of security workers is acknowledged and rewarded.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The critical role of frontline private security workers as skilled key workers.
  • The rigorous training and qualifications required to become a frontline security worker.
  • Daniel’s vision for changing the culture and practice within the UK security industry.

This session is invaluable for security professionals who are eager to learn about the advancements in training and support for security personnel and those interested in the intersection of traditional security roles with modern digital threats.

For more information and to register for the event for free, please visit https://events.hand-media.com/login/event/fire-and-security-buyer-live-2024/registration    

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