Putting trust in dragons

This month DevDragon flew into the development industry with a new malware protection API for Developers.


The incidence of cybercrime is growing exceptionally year on year in line with our increasing daily reliance on internet technology – It’s become an expensive arms race with heavy penalties – financial, legal and in terms of reputation, for those who don’t take the right precautions.


Developers in particular, are nervous about the security of sites they create and manage, and there are legions of sophisticated security packages that monitor site performance and are on the lookout for malware activity.


However, most conventional anti-virus solutions are either too expensive, or do not suit Developers’ needs; for example, web site security scanners only scan files that are publicly available on the web site. They can’t scan private files that the application allows users to upload.  Today’s Busy Developers need to be sure the files that are uploaded to their applications are free from viruses. They need the confidence of ongoing real-time protection as files are created and uploaded.


DevDragon’s new software API is a specifically developed as a web service that scans files and provides feedback on those that are found to be infected.


This includes file uploads by customers and third parties. It works simply by diverting files through the DevDragon API for checking BEFORE they are stored in the application’s data store, allowing the response to be almost instant, and safeguarding sites, and their users before infected files can cause any damage.


Importantly, DevDragon is powered by Sophos for almost immediate recognition of the most recently detected malware, wherever it occurs in the world. Sophos is rated amongst the highest performing threat protection products by NSS Labs, with one of the most sophisticated malware scanning, detection and reporting algorithms in the industry.


Luckily, DevDragon has been commoditised, and is inexpensive. It has been created with a low entry level and a 14 day free trial period to encourage take-up by hard-working SME Developers who need to be light on their feet, working on multiple sites and working across multiple environments, with prices starting at only £4.00 ex VAT a month. The enterprise level (hydra) will appeal to larger development houses, taking care of 10,000 scans a month for £89.00. There are bespoke pricing plans for those with unusual requirements and one-off projects.


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