Quadrant – Wireless CCTV networks ‘the future’ for councils

Quadrant implemented a wireless CCTV solution in Great Yarmouth
Quadrant implemented a wireless CCTV solution in Great Yarmouth

Councils can benefit massively from implementing a wireless CCTV network, according to one expert. Phil Doyle, managing director of Quadrant Security Group (QSG), told SecurityNewsDesk there is a “clear business case” for launching such a system.

QSG has implemented a new CCTV approach for Great Yarmouth Borough Council by teaming up with The Cloud – BSkyB’s public access Wi-Fi provider – and moving away from leasing a fibre network.

Under the new agreement the Cloud provides free Wi-Fi across the town centre and the council enjoys a range of benefits from having its wireless CCTV system hosted on the network.

Doyle claims the new system “pretty much pays for itself” in the first year and then further on-going cost savings are experienced year-after-year. The wireless network also offers additional financial benefits to the council.

“In terms of a business model you have the initial cost savings in the first year plus the savings on an on-going basis, but you have also got the on-going opportunity to provide a local service and a service that will pay for your wireless network going forward,” he said.

“It is a pretty clear business case as far as we’re concerned.”

He predicts the pioneering system launched in Great Yarmouth will act as a reference point for other interested councils.

Wireless CCTV offers a range of benefits to councils, not only in terms of cost savings but also footage quality and the opportunity for rapid deployment. By being able to identify hotspots and deploy cameras very quickly, a wireless network offers flexibility on top of original cost savings from not investing in a fixed infrastructure.

Such opportunities for rapid CCTV deployment allow for more collaboration between councils and emergency services. Doyle predicts the days of closed surveillance systems are numbered.

Phil Doyle, managing director of QSG
Phil Doyle, managing director of QSG

He added: “The demand won’t just be driven by local councils deciding they need a deployable, cost-effective CCTV solution, but it is the fact they can now collaborate with neighbours and other authorities, such as emergency services, where they don’t have that coverage today but can piggy-back on solutions like this.”

Quadrant’s project in Great Yarmouth has been nominated for ‘Security Project or Installation of the Year’ at this year’s IFSEC Awards, along with another Quadrant scheme for a temporary surveillance system that aided Dorset Police during the 2012 Olympic sailing events.

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