Rail CCTV Conference November 2011

Rail CCTV Conference
Rail CCTV Conference

Wireless and transport consultancy BWCS has announced it will host its second Rail CCTV Conference this November. Building on the success of last year’s event, train operators and rail authorities from around the world will gather to discuss the latest developments in on-board and station-based CCTV and how new systems can help reduce costs, tackle crime and enhance the security and safety of passengers.

Virtually all of the speakers and most of the audience will hail from the train, rail or metro industry, so this is a unique chance to address that sector. The conference is in London and will be held on the 16th and 17th of November.

According to Ross Parsons, BWCS head of Transportation Consulting, the Conference attendees want to hear real-life experiences form the train and metro operators, “We find that our conferences work best when the people actually charged with overseeing complex projects come and share their experiences, good and bad. That way it can become a learning shop, similar to a self-help group. Either way it offers invaluable insight both for the train and metro operators who attend and for the suppliers trying to expand their presence in this booming market.”

According to Parsons, the Rail CCTV Conference 2011 is the only event to focus directly on the issues facing transport groups and rail authorities as they fight to make trains and stations more secure and develop cost-saving services based on new generations of IP cameras. He expects that the key transport groups, rail administrators, politicians and industry experts will all be there, from across Europe and the rest of the world, to discuss the developments in this crucial sector.

The list of operators presenting case studies can be found at www.CCTVRail.com. The plan is that they will frankly address the issues they have faced and will face in the future. Many of the operators will be reporting on problems they have encountered delivering the CCTV images across wireless communications networks.

As ever, the hosts, BWCS, will also encourage the speakers and the audience to debate these problems in a series of panel sessions. Over the two days there will be several networking opportunities – including the speed networking event – where all the operators, rail authorities, industry experts and suppliers will get the chance to meet each other for a limited time.

There is more information on the conference at www.CCTVRail.com, and more information from Ross.Parsons@BWCS.com.

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