Raytec claims its infra-red CCTV lighting range is better than ever!

Raytec's Infra-red range
Raytec's Infra-red range

Raytec’s RAYMAX Infra-Red series of LED lighting has delivered world leading power, flexibility and reliability for over 5 years. Over the past 18 months engineers at Raytec have squeezed over 20% more power from all RAYMAX illuminators as part of our continuous development and improvement programme, to hone the performance from all IR illuminators so that we continue to deliver ‘best in class’ performance.

With no increase to electrical consumption or price, the improved power increases the efficiency and performance of all RAYMAX Infra-Red units. We have also improved the optical output for more efficient and more uniformed beam patterns to achieve perfectly illuminated images from any angle. In addition, we have recently introduced the PRO series power supply which is designed to be used with both RAYMAX Infra-Red and RAYLUX White-Light illuminators, for high-end applications where remote control and specific tailoring of the lighting system is essential.

With a dedicated team of in-house R&D specialists and a strong reputation for product firsts, all Raytec products are UK designed and manufactured in our purpose built North-East based facility, selling directly to over 60 countries World Wide.

With over 500 product lines, all Raytec Infra-Red and White-Light illuminators utilise the latest surface mount LED technology to improve the performance of any surveillance system, delivering the very best CCTV images at night. Raytec illuminators deliver a long ten year life, a low power consumption and require zero maintenance – allowing the user to make huge savings on energy and running costs, whilst significantly reducing their CO2 emissions.

Raytec are ISO 9001 accredited, and are committed to delivering high quality products and first class service. All security systems designers and planners can take full advantage of Raytec’s lighting design team. Whether using Infra-Red or White-Light, Raytec can help you win projects by offering a free site survey and energy saving report, along with tailored site plans highlighting best lighting positions and detailed illuminance levels.

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