Raytec host practical presentation on lighting for network cameras at MSC Global

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Raytec PoE Product Family
Raytec PoE Product Family

With security professionals increasingly adopting network and megapixel cameras, lighting specialists Raytec will host a practical presentation at MSC Global, on the 8th of March, on how best to use lighting to achieve optimum performance from a network system.

Every camera needs light to see and network cameras are no different. Raytec provides an understanding of the need for dedicated lighting to achieve high quality images at night, to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements, to allow faster frame rates and to allow video analytics to work. Without addressing the need for lighting, network cameras won’t live up to their full potential; they will not be able to deliver the superior resolutions they are capable of, and may overload a system with the large amount of data they generate.

Raytec also supports installers of network cameras with a range of illuminators directly powered from PoE to make installation easier, quicker and more cost effective when only PoE is available. All Raytec energy efficient illuminators use SMT technology to deliver long life with lower running and maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting technology.

Download Raytec’s new white paper on ‘Lighting for Network Cameras


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