Raytec IR protects Lisbon port

Raytec Lisbon
Raytec Lisbon

Raytec’s latest generation of RAYMAX Infra-Red LED illuminators have been used to enhance night-time security at The Port of Lisbon, Portugal. The low energy illuminators improve the performance of the port’s surveillance system by providing excellent images during the hours of darkness up to 200m (656ft). Thanks to their combination of reliability and robustness, the RAYMAX illuminators also stand up well to the rigours of the coastal environment including salt water, high winds and blown sand particles.

All Raytec illuminators provide long-life, zero maintenance (ie. no bulb failure) and are being increasingly used in ports and harbours world-wide. Available in both RAYMAX Infra-Red and RAYLUX White-Light, Raytec LED technology offers security system designers a solution for every application; both covert surveillance and visible white lighting.

As hubs for trade and transport, ports are vulnerable to terrorism, theft and criminal activity. Port security planners face significant challenges as they seek to comply with the standards set down in the International Maritime Organisation’s security convention (the ISPS code) which was developed in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. “At key shipping hubs like Lisbon, our high performance lighting solutions play an essential role in delivering 24 hour around the clock surveillance in tough environmental conditions,” says Raytec’s director David Lambert.

“CCTV technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, but no matter how powerful the cameras become, and how intelligent the software behind them gets, good lighting will always be the essential foundation which is required for these systems to work properly. Without light there can be no picture.”

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