Raytec’s new iPhone/ iPad App recommends the best LED lighting for your project

Raytec's iPhone/iPad App
Raytec's iPhone/iPad App

Raytec have launched a new Product Selector App to help all security installers, integrators and consultants specify the best CCTV lighting for their project, quickly and easily.

The Product Selector App is available free of charge from iTunes for both iPhone and iPad. It recommends the best Raytec LED lighting product from over 500 in our range, completely removing the complexity of choosing the right unit to achieve tailored, even illumination, matching the project requirements and camera used, for perfect night-time CCTV images.

“It’s a quick and easy, interactive specification tool, designed to allow you to specify lighting on-site, away from your desk”, says David Lambert Raytec’s Sales and Marketing Director. “The user need only enter distance from camera to target, horizontal field of view, desired operating voltage and then select either Infra-Red or White Light. The Product Selector then determines the most efficient and cost-effective solution that will deliver the best results for the specific application each time”.

All Raytec illuminators use state of the art LED technology to improve the performance of any CCTV system, delivering excellent images during the hours of darkness. Raytec illuminators achieve a maximum distance of 370m or 1000m with only 2 units, along with angles from 10-180 degrees which can be altered onsite using the unique Adaptive Illumination™ system to match the beam pattern to the camera field of view.

All Raytec illuminators deliver significantly lower power consumption, longer life and zero maintenance compared to alternative lighting technology, allowing the user to make significant savings in energy, CO2, labour and running costs.

Download the Raytec App now for free from the iTunes App Store – or simply search for ‘Raytec’.

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