Raytec’s Urban lighting installed at Oxford university press

Haviz Saeed Khan

Raytec Oxford University
Raytec Oxford University

Integrated Security Design has become the latest installer to win business by using RAYLUX Urban LED illuminators to target new opportunities in general purpose site lighting.

In an eco friendly lighting project recently completed for the historic Oxford University Press building, a range of RAYLUX Urban units were installed as replacements for old-style 70W and 150W sodium lamps in public access areas. Urban now allows Raytec partners not only to provide lighting for security but also lighting for safer environments.

The RAYLUX Urban series of multi-purpose White-Light LED illuminators allows installers to deliver lighting not just for the camera, but for any general area lighting requirement. This includes campus lighting, perimeter fence lines, footpaths and car parks.

Significant Savings
As a result of the new installation, the University Press is set to save 1826 kWh of energy annually and 18260 kWh over the 10 year lifespan of the illuminators. Electricity bills have also been reduced and the maintenance factor has been completely removed (all Raytec products require zero maintenance), delivering cost savings of up to £500 annually and up to £5,000 over the product lifespan. Crucially, the new Urban units deliver improved lighting quality and reliability, providing a safer and more secure area on site. These are all major factors at the core of all Raytec LED lighting technology.

“The client looked at a number of different products and chose the RAYLUX Urban lights because they not only fitted in well with the aesthetics at the site but allowed them to achieve their aims of reducing both the running costs and the environmental impact of their lighting” says ISD Director Nicky Stokes. “They have been pleased with the results, and now we’re looking at upgrading the lighting in other parts of their estate.”

New Market Opportunities
For security installers, the commercial lighting sector offers new and attractive opportunities for diversification, as demand for greener outdoor lighting technology grows. More and more frequently installers provide lighting for surveillance cameras but miss the opportunity to provide general site lighting.

This has always been a missed opportunity for security integrators, especially given that the facility manager responsible for general lighting is often the same person security installers work with to design a CCTV system.

Multi-Purpose Solution
The RAYLUX Urban range satisfies the demand for both camera and commercial lighting. It delivers all of the core technology benefits of Raytec’s Infra-Red and White-Light CCTV lighting technology, typically used in long distance security applications all around the world. Benefits include high performance, low energy, low power consumption, long life (minimum 10 years) and zero maintenance.

Designed to bridge the gap between CCTV lighting and general lighting, the RAYLUX Urban series allows security installers to cross over into new markets and deliver an LED White-Light solution for a variety of commercial lighting requirements. RAYLUX urban provides crystal clear, energy saving, quick-start White-Light down onto a scene across a horizontal plane. It delivers excellent colour rendition compared to the dull orange glow provided by many sodium street lamps which are often slow to start up.

The range also offers a range of pole mount bracket options, cable management and provides a pleasing aesthetic look which is perfect for commercial lighting. Of course, given Raytec’s heritage the Urban lighting range can also be used improve the performance of any CCTV system during the hours of darkness.

Growing Trend
“This is an important and growing market,” says Vince Bessell, Raytec Business Development Manager. “There is a real demand for more cost-efficient, ‘greener’ lighting, because organisations are focusing on cutting waste and reducing their CO2 emissions.

“For security installers who are used to working with CCTV and security lighting, this new specialist area of energy-efficient, general purpose lighting is well worth developing. It has the real appeal of delivering tangible, measurable energy and cost saving benefits to customers.”

Lighting Design Service
Raytec can also help with the design and specification of White-Light for general area lighting projects, providing a free site survey and energy saving report, as well as detailed layout plans to highlight the best possible lighting positions and illuminance levels.

To arrange your lighting consultation or for more information on RAYLUX Urban please call Raytec on +44 (0) 1670 520055 or email sales@rayteccctv.com

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