Record arrests for UK monitoring station Visual Verification

The month of January saw record numbers of arrests for the UK’s foremost monitoring station, writes Chris Connors.

January 2011 broke all previous records at Visual Verification for both Policed events and arrests. Since the Company’s inception back in 1994, arrests rates have generally increased in line with expectations due to the increase in connections, but January saw a dramatic rise in Policed incidents – 48 to be precise.

Operations Director Steve Nelson has been very impressed with recent performance: “We have seen a dramatic increase in attempted thefts in areas such as precious metals and fuels, in line with the seemingly constant increase in their prices. Thanks to reliable systems and the quick response of our operational staff we have claimed 21 separate arrests and prevented numerous crimes”.

The relationships Visual have built with the Police Forces over the past 17 years now stand the Company in good stead, says Steve: “The Police understand that the information we provide them with is live and accurate, and this has been proved over many years. They realise that an arrest is a real possibility and the January 2011 figures demonstrate that this is increasingly the case”.

The response to incidents is a key feature of the Company’s service, feel free to contact Visual on the details below to find out further information about how Visual achieve these results.

0844 415 7777

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