Securing Asia 2012 a success! 2013 dates confirmed

Following on from the resounding success of the Securing Asia 2012 Homeland Security and Counter Terror Summit, Security Watch UK is pleased to announce the dates for next year’s conference.

Securing Asia 2013

Venue: QEII Conference Centre, London

Dates: 24th – 25th June, 2013

This year’s summit featured record breaking attendances by foreign delegations from across Asia, including representatives from the Defence, Police, Military, and Para-military forces of Nepal, Myanmar, India, Georgia, Oman, Japan, Taiwan, Brunei, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Poland, UAE, Jordan, Somalia, and Bangladesh, among others.

With an estimated footfall of 500 visitors over the course of the 3 day conference, Harry Dhaul, Honorary Advisor of Security Watch UK (organisers of the event,) assessed “£20 million of business opportunities were generated during the course of the three day summit.”

Exhibitors who also participated in the Conference as Speakers received by far the keenest response. Mobile forensics company Cellbrite, who spoke about their products and services, faced an immediate clamour from half a dozen countries wanting to discuss business opportunities. Another exhibitor who was a featured Speaker, flew back to a participating delegation’s country the next day.

In consideration of the fact that procurement agents from across Asia do not come to the conference fully informed of the applications and intricacies of the new technologies, products and services on offer in this highly dynamic industry, demonstrations and talks on the application of these proved crucial in getting the information across in a way that literature alone could not do. The result in terms of business generated was significantly greater for those exhibitors therefore who availed themselves of this facility.

The Next Level

The volume of conversion from exhibiting and speaking, to concrete business opportunities in 2012 was therefore substantial. In 2013 the format of the event will give even greater openings for exhibitors to speak at the conference. Exhibitors will be invited to speak in the domains of:

  • Aviation and Transport Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Maritime Security and Piracy
  • IED detection and Counter Measures
  • Cyber Security and Forensics

A concierge service will be provided to a select few exhibitors 6 months prior to the event offering the following services:

  • Sending out information about their products and services in advance to all delegations and prospective buyers.
  • Giving advance feedback to exhibitors of the requisites of buyers to help them expedite business during the exposition.
  • Provision of a speaker slot during the conference to explain the various applications of their products and services.
  • Advance scheduling of dedicated one-on-one meetings with buyers during the Conference to help cement business opportunities into actual business initiated or achieved.

Thus in 2013, while the high intellectual calibre of the event will not be compromised, greater focus will be given to ensure access to dynamic conduits to channel participation by exhibitors into prolific business opportunities with Asian buyers.



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