SentriGuard: Redefining Keyholding with Keynetics


SentriGuard – the smart and traceable key management system – is now available in the UK. Discover the benefits to simple yet secured access 

SentriGuard is a unique access solution that combines a robust physical product with the latest technology to provide the most secure key safe solution on the UK market. 

What makes this system so unique?  

First and foremost, SentriGuard offers the only key safes approved for use on commercial property. This Keynetics device has achieved LPS1175 C1 accreditation after thorough design and manufacturing audits and rigorous attack testing by BRE, demonstrating the paramount levels of security required for commercial applications.  

In addition to the new sleek and easy-to-install design, the improved key safe has an extended battery life of up to ten years. Yet one of the most exciting added features for this model is key detection, alerting both platform and app users when a key has not been returned to its place. 

However, the technology element of the SentriGuard system is what distinguishes it as a must-have access solution capable of transforming traditional keyholding for good.  

The bespoke cloud-based platform enables remote access management on various levels. System Administrators can curate key safe installations, add and group users depending on their role function, and grant and revoke time-restricted access to specific devices or device groups in minutes. 

Furthermore, all access is traceable through various reports. There is no need to manually collect audit data from each key safe – the data will be automatically updated every time a key safe is opened with the app. 

Simple yet secure access 

If there is a platform, there will be an app! The SentriGuard app is designed for quick and simple key access by allocated users. It is very user-friendly and has additional features, such as a key safe map view and an option to add visit photos and notes, which are subsequently displayed on the platform. 

However, there are times when access is required for one-time contractor visits or in emergency scenarios. In such instances, an access code can be generated and input manually using the device’s keypad. Again, this can be done in a few clicks on the platform, which automatically notifies the assigned contact via email or text. The code generation is named and reasoned, and the platform provides an audit trail.

Why bother? 

There are many benefits of storing keys at the point of entry. Some of the most notable ones include faster alarm response times (since the nearest responder can attend), operational cost savings, and easier key management, which eradicates key loss and lock replacements. 

Yet the most unaccounted-for benefit of deploying SentriGuard is an up to 50% reduction in carbon footprint due to elimination of travel required to a central location for key collection. Whether keys are required by contractors, staff, security or emergency crews, access is made quick and simple to ensure seamless operation with no downtime. 

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