Sound Intelligence to launch Slgard 4.0 at IFSEC 2012

Derek van de Vorst
Derek van de Vorst

Advanced audio analytics firm showcases SIgard which is designed to replicate the way the human ear recognises different sounds

Visit Sound Intelligence on stand E90 in Hall 4 from 14th to 17th May

Sound Intelligence, the global pioneer and market leader in advanced audio analytics, is launching SIgard 4.0, the latest version of its audio detection technology designed to help prevent violence and crime by recognising specific sounds in real time.

Sound Intelligence’s patented SIgard software is used in a variety of applications such as prisons, public transport and inner cities as an aggression prevention tool which can be integrated into CCTV systems and intercoms or by simply installing sensors in areas considered to be at risk. It is the only audio detection technology which is based on the workings of the human ear, enabling it to accurately separate and recognise different sounds which allows those using this tool to make split second decisions to respond to incidents before they escalate.

Derek van der Vorst, CEO at Sound Intelligence, said: “Our expertise in sound analytics has been gained over the last twelve years. The area we have particularly focussed on is accuracy in real-life situations, both indoor and outdoor, and the software’s ability to analyse and interpret a range of sounds while reducing the number of unwanted alarms.

“This latest version is not only easier to use and install but it is capable of recognising more sounds, such as gunshots, car alarms and breaking glass; significantly increasing the user’s safety as it works in real time which allows them to take the appropriate action such as informing the authorities if necessary. The introduction of filter detectors means that the technology can take out specific sounds and so reduce the risk of unwanted alarms.

“SIgard version 4.0 incorporates audio detection on the edge. In other words, our analytics can be embedded into a device whether that’s an IP camera, DVR or intercom making the analysis of remote locations possible and integration far easier.”

Other enhancements of the SIgard version 4.0 are more acoustical environment templates such as a prison cell, busy nightlife area, reception desk; the introduction of acoustic monitoring for health and night care; and analysis on meta-data for high speed searching on recorded data. Audio streams from cameras, intercoms and VMS vendors are also more easily integrated. The software can distinguish the following types of sounds so that operatives can take the appropriate action:

•Gunshots / explosions

•Aggression / panic screams

•Breaking glass

•Spray-can / graffiti detection

•Vehicle classification

•Car alarms


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