Stanley Security Solutions opens new London office to integrate Niscayah

The mayor of Havering cuts the ribbon on the new Stanley Security Solutions office

Stanley Security Solutions has opened a new office in London, the final step in a programme to assimilate the UK arm of the Niscayah security integration business which it acquired from Securitas last year.

Mayor of Havering, Councillor Lynden Thorpe cut the ribbon to officially open the new Stanley Security Solutions offices on an industrial estate in Romford on Wednesday 7th November.

Prior to the acquisition, Stanley Security and Niscayah both had offices in East London. Today, just twelve months after the acquisition, staff from both companies are now located at the one site.

Purchased in November 2011, Niscayah was a significant acquisition for Stanley Security whose presence in Europe was limited to businesses in France and the UK. At a stroke, Niscayah strengthened Stanley Security’s UK and French operations and gave it a significant market share in 14 other countries.

I sat down with Alistair Compton, the regional vice president for the UK, who explained the twin challenges of integrating the two businesses and rebranding Niscayah.


He explained: “There were only two overlap countries – France and the UK. So in France, Niscayah had a business there, and there was GDP and SDS which was the ADT business and the UK which had Stanley and Niscayah, so those two countries have come together really quickly.

“In the UK, the opening of this facility is pretty much the final piece of integration if you like. We’ve had a massive year of change: we’ve closed five regional offices, centralised the stores from five offices into one manufacturing facility in Exeter.”

He continued: “We moved all the external monitoring accounts that Niscayah had into our monitoring centre. We right sized the business early on in the year, which unfortunately meant job losses but it definitely strengthened the Niscayah business and has certainly given us a sizeable scale in the UK.”

I asked what’s happening to the Niscayah name.

“Underpinning the European rebranding is a customer charter which every employee in our business, across Europe, is actually signed up to which is promising our customers a hundred per cent reliability, a hundred per cent transparency, a hundred per cent proactivity, a hundred per cent relevance but most of all, underpinned by a hundred per cent accountability. I think putting those together with the Stanley values will allow us to manage the rebranding and communicate it to our customers.”

Watch the video above for more.

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