Surveillance Camera Commissioner annual report out now

Picture: Tony Porter took up the post of Surveillance Camera Commissioner in March 2014

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner has laid his first annual report before Parliament today.

The 36 page document is available for viewing on the SCC’s website.

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s first annual report explains how the commissioner:

  • continues to promote the Code to relevant and non-relevant authorities
  • has launched an easy to use self-assessment tool for any organisation to demonstrate how they are meeting the principles in the code
  • has continued work of his predecessor to simplify the CCTV standards framework in order to encourage the industry and operators of CCTV systems to meet minimum standards
  • will be issuing guidance to users of domestic CCTV following his concerns about the growing number of complaints around the use of CCTV at people’s homes

SCC website
Download the Annual Report 2013-2014

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