Survey shows industrial sites more proactive in use of BS8418 CCTV


Industrial sites are leading the security industry in the application of detector driven CCTV monitoring. They are taking advantage of the latest BS8418 solutions, according to a recent survey conducted by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). According to survey respondents, it helps provide round-the-clock protection for industrial facilities of all  types.

Man scaling fence at industrial site at night-time
Detector activated CCTV provides security awareness around the clock

The research found that industrial sites ranked first amongst the sectors which members of the BSIA CCTV section most frequently supplied BS8418 solutions to, ahead of motor dealerships, construction and transport.

First introduced in 2003, BS8418 is the British Standard for remotely monitored, detector-activated CCTV systems. As the standard has just gone through a process of revision, the BSIA’s new survey aimed to assess installer and manufacturer attitudes towards the popularity and value of BS8418 systems and their uptake in key sectors such as industrial sites.

When deployed BS8418 compliant solutions consist of cameras and detectors placed strategically around a site, linked together by specialised transmission equipment to a Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC). Here, operators can visually confirm what is happening, call up on-screen plans of the site and even issue verbal warnings to intruders via on-site speakers. If necessary, the RVRC operators can also alert the police who, as the incident is confirmed visually and is associated with a URN (Unique Reference Number), should provide a rapid response.

Pauline Norstrom, Chairman of the BSIA’s CCTV Section, comments: “Across the board, usage of BS8418 solutions has risen by 22% over the past year, which is a positive trend given their proven ability to secure large and vulnerable sites out of hours. With industrial sites facing continued threats from the theft of valuable materials and vandalism, it’s encouraging to see that the industry is embracing new technology to help it counter such risks.”

“Our survey showed that over 50% of our respondents’ client base take advantage of the audio challenge capability – often referred to as talking CCTV – to warn off intruders at the earliest possible stage. The biggest perceived benefit, according to 64% of those surveyed, was the reduction in false alarms through visual confirmation. Both of these features can have clear benefits for industrial sites as many BSIA members have demonstrated through their successful work with end users across the country.”

Pauline Norstrom concludes: “The BSIA would encourage those industrial sites which have not already done so to consider BS8418 solutions in any future review of their security strategy.”

The BSIA has published a user guide to BS8418 systems, which can be found by visiting and searching for Form No. 196. For more information about the BSIA and its CCTV Section, visit

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