Swiss Hacker launches Secure Mail Key to combat email hacking

Secure Mail Key by Swiss Hacker
Secure Mail Key by Swiss Hacker

Due to increasing email security demands in Zurich, Swiss Hacker has created an excellent new product that aims to solve email hacking problems for good – Secure Mail Key.

“We recognized that lots of people were asking for a product that would help them with email hacking problems, especially in the banking and government sectors. That’s why we invented Secure Mail Key – to protect customers when they are at their most vulnerable,” explained John D, CEO of Swiss Hacker. “And we are very confident that our Secure Mail Key will live up to the expectations of our target group and future customers,” he added.

The main features of Secure Mail Key are:

•The world’s first USB 2 factor token to make email accounts hack-proof using a USB-based one-time password (OTP)

•With this unique product No Key-loggers, Virus, phishing attacks are possible

• Highly trusted by Swiss government with DOD, ANSI standard and tested by over 1000 Hackers

•Fits multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Why do customers need Secure Mail Key?
Hackers are privacy intruders and will try to persistently steal your identity and the income that you have been working hard for. They can insert malicious files and viruses into your system without you even knowing it. In a matter of seconds, the things that you have worked hard for can be taken away by cyber attackers. With this in mind, Secure Mail Key is essential for all savvy consumers who want the best protection from hackers for their email accounts. 

About the company
Swiss Hacker GmBh was the first company in the world to offer IT security via an SaaS model dedicated to information security by core, ethical hacking. With Secure Mail Key, Swiss Hacker is committed to offering consumers the best protection for their email and computers.


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