Chinese tech giant allowed by help build 5G network in the UK

In a decision that will surprise many people, Prime Minister Theresa May, has over ruled objections from senior cabinet colleagues in allowing Chinese technology company Huawei to build parts of the new 5G mobile phone network in the UK. The change comes after reports from a number of government departments, together with leading international partners, that dealing with Huawei would potentially compromise national security. However, Huawei will be allowed to

Huawei moves to dispel security concerns about its products

Huawei is cooperating with the Japanese government and bolstering purchases of parts in Japan to ease concerns that its products could be used in espionage or cyberattacks by Beijing. “It is just normal for the government, telecommunications companies and society at large to take an interest in security and the protection of privacy,” Wang Jianfeng, president of Huawei Technologies Japan KK, said. “Compared with our rivals, we have taken more

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