Ensuring video surveillance data is safely stored

Rainer Käse, Senior Manager at Toshiba Electronics Europe explains how to ensure your HDD choice meets your surveillance storage needs. The selection of storage for surveillance systems has different requirements from other, large storage applications. With the demand primarily on the writing side, storage needs to be capable of simultaneously handling dozens of video channels. In addition, the storage medium needs to be ultra-reliable without ignoring typical mass-storage challenges, such

Toshiba and SanDisk announce start of equipment installation

Toshiba Corporation and SanDisk Corporation have announced the start of equipment installation in the New Fab 2 facility at Yokkaichi Operations.  New Fab 2 is primarily intended to provide the clean room space necessary to transition a significant portion of the current Yokkaichi 2D NAND capacity to 3D flash memory.  The companies also signed definitive agreements for joint manufacturing of 3D flash memory and investment in New Fab 2. Seiichi

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