Ten years of Codelocks NetCode

Codelocks NetCode Technology is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This innovative solution to the age-old problem of allowing the right access to the right people at the right time has been at the forefront of access control for over a decade.

Ever since it launched in 2014, Codelocks NetCode Technology has grown rapidly in both functionality and versatility. It has a global reputation for adding control and convenience to many access control applications. It works in conjunction with Codelocks and KitLock locks to provide flexible, temporary access. It lowers overhead costs for business owners, while adding consumer self-service for greater customer satisfaction. Without NetCode®, some of the services and applications we take for granted on a daily basis would simply not be possible.

What is Codelocks Netcode® Technology?

Codelocks NetCode® Technology is a smart way to generate time-sensitive codes for doors, gates, lockers and cabinets. The algorithm-based technology allows businesses to control access by creating codes that have a specified start date, time and duration that will automatically expire at the end of the period.

The code is generated remotely and there is no need for anyone to program the lock directly or even communicate with it over WiFi. The business simply sends the code to the user, a step that can be incorporated into a customer booking system or by a custom-built app through the Codelocks Connect Portal and application programming interface (API).

Once generated, a NetCode® can be shared by email or SMS and will expire after its set duration. This makes it suitable for visitors, visiting service engineers, delivery people and short to medium term locker rental, alongside many other applications. Because if there’s one thing NetCode® enables, it is innovation.

Codelocks NetCode® Technology enables innovation  

There is certainly no shortage of ideas when it comes to today’s entrepreneurial spirit, especially when offering a self-service option. A potential stumbling block that stymies many business ideas is that of controlling access. How do you allow only the legitimate customer to access the product or service they have ordered, and prevent others from helping themselves? For many, the answer has been to engage a keyless, time-sensitive access control solution that can be set remotely and doesn’t require an internet connection or WiFi to operate.

Over the ten years it has been on the market, NetCode® has lent itself to a wide range of innovative implementations. It has been adopted by several companies as the perfect time-sensitive access control solution to integrate within their broader solution.

NetCode® in action.

From sports team changing room and spa lockers, to hospitality and event spaces, a hugely diverse range of applications use Codelocks NetCode® Technology, proving its versatility over the years.

Customers using STOREiT LOCKERS book and pay for a storage locker in advance through an online portal. Codelocks NetCode® Technology generates and transmits a six-digit NetCode® that gives the customer a specific start date, time and duration to access the lockers to deposit or retrieve their property. STOREiT also uses the optional Codelocks Connect booking platform.  Because NetCode® equipped locks don’t need WiFi to operate, they can be set up anywhere – even remote locations like beaches or campsites. That’s why Mobile Locker uses them to create locker arrays for festival goers to charge their phones and store their belongings.

Tennis enthusiasts who book with Parks Tennis get a code to access the company’s public tennis courts as part of the simple ‘pay as you play’ booking system. Similarly, in Portugal and Belgium, TieSports gives its members the facility to book and pay for a court using their smartphone. Thanks to the Codelocks API, their booking program automatically links to the court’s lights, so members can turn up for their game knowing that the court will be lit and ready for play. The company doesn’t need to have staff on hand to unlock the court, turn the lights on and lock up afterwards. It’s completely transparent to the user. They don’t see Codelocks’ hand in it. All they see is a much more convenient, simplified way to get a game in.

What works to make tennis courts more convenient also works for other leisure and hospitality applications. Tigh Na Bruaich is an Australian Ski Lodge that has integrated Codelocks API into its booking system to fully automate room management at its site. When guests make bookings, its system communicates with the API which generates a NetCode® and sends it to them a week before their stay and again on the day before they arrive. Like the tennis courts, Tigh Na Bruaich programmers created an integrated solution that used Codelocks API and its booking system to automatically save power and adjust its lighting.

There are many applications in the new hybrid online-offline retail and dining space too. For example, Yummy Box® is perfect for people who enjoy their takeout meals at the right temperature. The diner places their takeout order with the restaurant who delivers it to the thermally insulated food locker. Codelocks NetCode® Technology sits in the background and provides the verification code that allows the customer to access their locker and order. The same happens at the architectural ironmonger SDS London. Customers who make an online click-and-collect order receive an access code for their locker sent via SMS or attached to their purchase confirmation email.

Where next for Codelocks NetCode® Technology?

The access control sector never sleeps. Innovation and evolution are watchwords for the industry. By listening to customers and exploring ideas together, Codelocks is dedicated to taking its keyless, digital access control solutions even further. As clients present new ideas and new challenges for our solutions, Codelocks NetCode® Technology will continue to play a key role in facilitating increasingly bespoke, integrated and personalized access control for the modern lifestyle and beyond.

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