Tenth consecutive GISWORX took place in Dubai

GISWORX, one of the largest GIS users gatherings in the region, was successfully launched in Dubai on the 21st of April for its 10th consecutive year. With SMART technology increasingly being embedded into all aspects of our everyday life, the pinnacle aim of this exhibition is to bring the human and end user experience back into technology and innovation.

Speaking of this year’s event, CEO Mohamed Abuziad of GISTEC said, “GISWORX is always an enjoyable annual event for everyone in the industry as they come together as a community giving them the opportunity to demonstrate how we see current affairs and to determine our future. This year we have some interesting new twists which I look forward to highlighting to our visitors.”

Having taken place at the Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai last week, GISWORX hails from an industry which really touches people’s lives and this year will feature a host of workshops on hot topics such as smart cities and smart governments. GISWORX 2015 was under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Water as well as a key role from The official government partner Dubai Municipality. With such relevant and interesting topics this year GISWORX welcomed high profile guests and speakers including many government entities like AD-SIC and Michael Haddad: a Professional Athlete, inspirational speaker, adventurer and social entrepreneur.

Michael Haddad is an inspiration and LIVING PROOF of the impact technology has on each and every one of our daily lives. This goes beyond mobile technology and the luxury technological innovation has given us, it is in addition about how it has created hope for individuals who find themselves in dire need of it. Haddad is involved in a new exoskeleton technology which will enable all handicapped people to walk again, he is a true inspiration and living proof of what technology and innovation can do.

This year marks a bold statement for the annual GISWORX exhibition as it is concentrating on bringing innovation to the forefront. With SMART technology increasingly being embedded into all aspects of our everyday life, the pinnacle aim of this exhibition is for the industry as a whole to work together towards ensuring that the technology behind them is more understandable, as its developments affect everyone’s life, not just those directly involved in the GIS community.

GOVWORX returned for it’s 2nd year as a major segment and parallel event of GISWORX ‘15 acknowledging the great part Government Esri users take in our community. This year, they are celebrating the work of the Government users through GOVWORX, providing them a platform to show and share to the community how GIS help their organizations.


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