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David Needham, Axis EMEA Business Development Programme Manager, discusses the ways that working with a single vendor can now unite access control and camera technology into an easy-to-manage whole for simplified security management.

Can you explain the idea behind the Power of One?

The Power of One represents the concept of uniting one’s hardware beneath a single vendor umbrella. By doing so, the frustration inherent in the installation and integration of network security systems is greatly reduced. If certain hardware proves incompatible with certain software, or if a component is delayed or otherwise held up, this can hamper a system’s ability to reach its full potential. Working with multiple vendors also makes licensing and ongoing maintenance more complex, costly, and inconvenient, forcing both end users and system integrators to manage multiple administrative streams throughout the system’s life. Under the Power of One, that is no longer the case.

Online event: The Power of One Goes Beyond Video – 15 March 2024, 1000 GMT

What’s new, haven’t we heard this before? 

By providing a single-vendor solution which offers end users one user interface, one route to support, and a single license for each device, the Power of One from Axis simplifies and streamlines the process of installing and managing a security system. The most important recent development unifies video surveillance AND access control systems into a single point of administration, speeding up numerous processes and adding additional opportunities to use security data in creative ways.

What are the benefits of combining video surveillance and access control?

AXIS Camera Station – included pre-installed with Axis Network Video Recorders, and also available to install on other hardware – fully supports management of both IP video and access control in one interface. This offers security operators a level of detail which goes beyond that of either aspect working independently. Real-time access events can be linked to live video, for example, creating an efficient system of monitoring access with visual confirmation of cardholders. Remote access assistance, card registration, and video-verified visitor access can be performed without the time-consuming effort of switching between individual apps. And if investigating an incident, access control transactions and security logs can be tied to archived video recordings within the same interface.

Is the Power of One limited to cameras and card readers?

The concept of the Power of One applies to every potential device or software solution which could make a security system stronger. For example, AXIS Camera Station also supports Axis IP audio devices, body-worn cameras, radar and even strobe sirens, uniting every device in the security ecosystem into a coherent whole. Functions like smart search, hardware health monitoring and intelligent video redaction are included as standard, further drawing these devices together.

Does the Power of One help add additional features?

Absolutely. AXIS Camera Station’s core functionality can be complemented by edge-based applications running directly on end-point hardware. These include tools like AXIS Barcode Reader, which enables a camera or intercom to act as QR scanners for temporary access, or AXIS License Plate Verifier, which forms a vital part of vehicle access control. Many other applications can be employed on the edge to build a feature set which goes beyond baseline security, without disrupting the security system’s core functionality.

How does the Power of One help with system design?

Working with a single vendor offers compatibility assurance that mixing vendors does not. AXIS Site Designer is an essential web-based tool for system integrators looking to work fast, win more bids, and create systems which precisely meet the operational needs of clients. It is built to work with the full Axis catalogue, and knows intricate details about the entire range that third-party tools would not. By also integrating a map of the proposed installation site, it can use this data to help designers create a fully realised plan – one which takes not only coverage but practical considerations like power availability and efficiency into account.

Is the Power of One contrary to the Axis commitment to openness?

Far from it. On the surface, Axis open approach may seem to conflict with its advocacy of a united platform. But IP-based solutions and open protocol hardware offer much greater levels of flexibility than closed or proprietary platforms, not least that the same hardware can be used if one’s software solution changes in the future, and vice versa. Building an end-to-end security solution with Axis components does not tie users to only using Axis products in that system’s lifetime – AXIS Camera Station supports a large catalogue of third-party devices.

Will I be tied to Axis hardware?

Axis remains committed to an open approach, and its products will never force end users into the proprietary trap. A completely open approach and a single-vendor solution are not mutually exclusive, and both approaches are possible depending on the size, requirements and circumstances of the customer – and if a business wishes to expand a security system built on Axis tech, it can do so with confidence that both new Axis devices and open-platform third-party hardware will be compatible.

Where is the Power of One most suitable?

Axis single-vendor solution suits small and large businesses in equal measure. Smaller businesses might not have capacity for a dedicated security function, and could benefit from the simplicity and assurance of working with a known vendor, a single source of support, and an easy-to-manage warranty programme which offers the majority of Axis devices five years’ coverage with no registration required. There is no mixing and matching, no question of who to contact, and Axis support is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

So the Power of One is applicable to larger businesses too?

Larger businesses gain the same benefits, earn significant planning advantages through AXIS Site Designer, and vastly simplify the process of managing a large catalogue of devices. Axis licencing model is easy to understand – one licence for each device, with no hidden costs or maintenance fees. Axis runs multiple firmware upgrade paths, allowing operators to select the path which best suits their schedule while retaining full confidence in the cybersecurity of every device in their network.

Online event: The Power of One Goes Beyond Video – 15 March 2024, 1000 GMT

How can I register? 

You can either register on the Security Buyer LinkedIn Event page here, or the Axis Communications page here

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