Traka identifies technology in healthcare to enhance patient care

Traka has launched a new white paper that seeks to identify the ‘wealth of opportunities’ to help the NHS and healthcare professionals to meet rising demand through innovation and technology.

The discussion paper, entitled: “How Technology is set to Improve Security & Patient Care in 2023” ’ highlights the immediate challenges faced by the NHS and the solutions available that could be seen as ‘enablers of change.’

Traka highlights the essential need to build a strong case from the ground up, identifying how even small changes can make a significant difference, not only for an NHS team, but also in the efficiency of service and ultimately patient care.

Says Ben Farrar, Traka UK’s Market Development manager and author of the white paper:  “This winter the pressures facing the NHS have been evident like never before.  Services have been stretched, waiting times continue to increase and hospitals have had to cope with strike action and disenchanted staff.  With current budgets being squeezed further, funding for the NHS seems unlikely; instead reforms will be driven through efficiencies.

“As the NHS comes under increasing strain, when looking at reforms, leaders must focus on how to improve productivity within healthcare operations. In this white paper, we highlight how no element of an organisation works in isolation. Creating a more efficient system using latest technology means understanding how different services complement each other, and how they can work together to deliver better results.”

The white paper draws on the different pledges for the NHS, including meeting demands in a ‘new world,’ identified as the post-COVID environment. Cont/d…

This includes the need for high quality care factored against the significant impact on the NHS staff, who are described as ‘exhausted and demoralised.’

Discussed is the way to move forward with a renewed perspective on healthcare.  This embraces putting people front and centre and supporting positive mental and physical wellbeing to positively impact patient outcomes and attract new talent.

Here technology factored into the design of any refurbishment or new build plans has already proven to optimise healthcare facilities.

Ben concludes: “All NHS staff deserve a huge amount of recognition for the work they do. Their impact on society as we saw during COVID, cannot be overstated. Doctors and nurses are the first that come to mind; their roles, of course, are absolutely vital to a successful NHS.

It is equally important for us to think beyond these headline workers and acknowledge the role done by non-clinical staff who keep things going in the background.  In this white paper, we take a holistic approach to use of technology to explore the different applications, with real life case studies to identify success.  We acknowledge this is just the start of a very complex conversation and would love to see it as an opportunity to open a debate and explore the opportunities further.”

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