True Position to showcase its location intelligence solution at CTX 2012

True position
True position

Monitoring mobile phone network events is instrumental in securing 95 per cent of terrorist convictions, since mobile phones continue to be at the core of planning and executing almost all illegal and terrorist activities.

Mobile phone location experts, TruePosition, are at the heart of obtaining this mobile phone intelligence on the international terrorist community and securing rapid convictions, as well as helping to prevent acts of terror.

With TruePosition’s Location Intelligence (LOCINT) solution, the time taken to hunt and capture violent terrorists can be reduced from the average of 42 days to just two. The solution enables government agencies to gather intelligence, conduct real-time surveillance, as well as generate geofences – invisible barriers that can be deployed around sensitive areas.

TruePosition addresses the growing mobile phone threat and empowers government agencies, security experts and law enforcement officials to protect citizens and bolster national security by providing:

•Law Enforcement and Counter Terrorism –Forensic intelligence helps identify, and build a profile of, criminals/terrorists and their associates with high-accuracy, real-time location surveillance, so they can be pinpointed and apprehended.

•Border Security –Virtual electronic fences help to increase border patrolling capacity, enabling remote detection of breaches and infiltrations as well as visa monitoring to improve immigration control

•Critical Infrastructure Protection –Virtual electronic fencing to detect intrusion and augment perimeter surveillance

TruePosition is seeing huge international interest in its technology and its capabilities. The company will be exhibiting at the Counter Terror Expo event at Kensington Olympia from the 25th-26th April 2012.

Company spokesperson Brian Varano will be available to meet with you at the show and reveal how this technology is becoming a significant weapon to prevent and deter terrorist activity.



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