UK Parliament home affairs committee to interrogate G4S tomorrow

G4S Olympic security
MPs want to know why G4S won't be able to supply 13,400 security staff to the Olympics as promised

The Home Affairs Select Committee will question Nick Buckles, CEO, and Ian Horseman-Sewell, global events specialist, tomorrow at 12 noon as part of an enquiry into security for the London Olympic Games.

G4S has a contact worth £248 million to provide 13,700 security guards for the Olympic Games but has admitted that it only has 4,000 trained and ready to go.

The Home Affairs Select Committee is a standing body of the House of Commons in the UK Parliament which oversees the work of the Home Office.

Committee Chair Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP said: “The shortfall in security guards which were due to be provided by G4S and the drafting in of armed forces personnel is a concerning development so close to the Games. We look forward to hearing a full explanation of what happened from Mr Buckles and Mr Horseman-Sewell on Tuesday.”

Nick Buckles, CEO, G4S
Nick Buckles, CEO, G4S

In earlier statements, Mr Vaz has said: “Considering the assurances we have been given in the past this is very serious and we expect a full explanation from a company that not only have the Olympic contract, but receive hundreds of millions of pounds from the Home Office and other Government departments each year.”

G4S confirmed that Mr Buckles and Mr Horseman-Sewell will attend the committee hearing tomorrow.

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