Updated website shootout reveals SecurityNewsDesk is number one in UK market

According to Alexa.com, SecurityNewsDesk.com is the most popular security website in the UK
According to Alexa.com, SecurityNewsDesk.com is the most popular security website in the UK

In our continuing quest to understand where we rank in the security market, we have continued monitoring Alexa.com for internet traffic data.

The conclusion is: SecurityNewsDesk.com is number one in the UK market after less than six months online.

We’re delighted and our advertisers are reaping the benefits of working with us.

UPDATE (13/6/11): SecurityNewsDesk.com was ranked at 9,170 this morning – other sites remain largely unchanged.

Reliable & independent

Following our last post on this subject, it has been pointed out by one of our competitors that Alexa is not the perfect web analytics tool, but we contend that it is the best available. It is recognised as a reliable and independent analyser of traffic trends by many webmasters, and used in context, it can highlight trends and show who’s achieving what on the internet.


Since we released our report last week, SourceSecurity’s regional traffic ranks (according to Alexa.com) have undergone a radical shift.

The UK traffic rank has jumped from 36,000 to 19,251 in less than two weeks, an increase that we can only describe as phenomenal. “Unprecedented” and “unexplainable” also spring to mind.

Meanwhile the traffic rank in India has plunged to 78,949 and the Russia rank has jumped markedly to 24,182, indicating a shift away from India and toward Russia. Source is particularly popular in Vologda, a town with a population of 300,000 where source is ranked #177. A few weeks ago, this site had a ranking of #1054 in the Indian city of Thane (population 1.2 million).

SourceSecurity Rankings as of 10 June 2011 were:

  • UK – 19,251
  • Russia – 24,290
  • Vietnam – 33,176
  • India – 78,695
  • Canada – 76,468
  • USA – 128,577
  • China – 146,378
  • Source: Alexa.com


Info4Security’s global and UK rankings remain stable at 252,614 and 12,610 respectively.

It’s rankings as of 10 June 2011 were:

  • UK – 12,469
  • India – 161,237
  • US – 622,249
  • Source: Alexa.com


CCTVinfo’s global ranking has risen slightly to 1,086,926 while the UK ranking has also risen slightly to 51,420, well within the normal expected rise and fall. There was no further regional data available.

For a more detailed breakdown of traffic stats, see our powerpoint presentation below.

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