Upgraded feature for Xesar

The Xesar electronic master key system is simply versatile. With the new Xesar 3.2 release, it has become more versatile while remaining just as easy to use. With the new Xesar app, the smartphone has now been integrated as an additional access medium.

“All Xesar access components with Bluetooth function are ready for a smartphone application after an easy firmware update,” explains Helmut Steiner, Xesar Senior Product Manager, the next development stage in EVVA’s 10-year history of electronic access systems. In just a few words, he summarises the new features of the Xesar app: “Simply clear and intuitive”.

The smartphone is the key, even with Xesar

“Those days when you forgot your key, lost it or otherwise misplaced it, are over,” says Steiner. After all, what was previously only possible with AirKey, is now also standard with Xesar thanks to the new Xesar app. Smartphones can now also be used as access media in a Xesar system. This eliminates the need to physically hand over a medium and saves time and money. He continues: “The key is sent online and the smartphone is therefore the key. It is then no longer necessary to issue key fobs or cards. There is no need to write access media via the coding station and a physical handover – this saves resources and streamlines processes.” The app is available for iOS in the Apple Store and for Android smartphones in the Google Play store.

Clearly designed smartphone app

The Xesar app is clearly and intuitively designed and always ready to use. It is possible to individually set whether all components of a system or only those within range are displayed. As soon as it is opened, the Xesar app searches for authorised components within BLE range. These are clearly displayed and can be unlocked in the app. Steiner also explains the benefits of this electronic key ring: “A smartphone can be used as an access medium for multiple systems. This is particularly useful for maintenance technicians in building management. The key “cemetery” is thus definitely history.

Send a Key

This is also made possible by the “Send a Key” function, in which authorisations and their changes are sent directly from the management software to iOS or Android smartphones by text message. XMS (Xesar Mobile Service) is operated in an ISO 27001-certified data centre and ensures secure TLS[1]encrypted communication between the smartphone and Xesar system.

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