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VCA Technology has launched a new website which is packed full of video clips that demonstrate the effectiveness of using Intelligent Video Analytics at the ‘edge’.

A key objective of the new website is to highlight how a new generation of affordable and easy to configure video surveillance cameras, incorporating VCA Technology software, have opened up the opportunity to gather reliable and verifiable data to help a diverse range of businesses and organisations, such as banks, casinos, hospitals, educational establishments, retailers and power plants, achieve a greater understanding of the behaviour of people who work or visit their premises.

Installers, system integrators, consultants and end-users who visit will be able to see videos of how cameras equipped with intelligent video analytics can be used for a wide range of applications including intrusion detection, people counting, vehicle monitoring, abandoned object detection and loitering detection.

“Intelligent video analytics provides installers and system integrators the opportunity to generate valuable new business,” said Kevin Waterhouse, Executive Vice President of Sales for VCA Technology. “In addition to offering security personnel a very powerful tool to detect and combat theft and other criminal activity, the business advantage which cameras equipped with VCA Technology’s intelligent video analytics can provide is compelling. In a retail environment , for example, doing more with less staff, increasing customer satisfaction by minimising delays at check-outs and identifying the best times and locations for product promotions, are just a few of the goals which can potentially be achieved with very little effort by utilising intelligent video analytics.”

About VCA Technology:
VCA Technology Ltd offers a unique, affordable analytic solution. Developed with the user in mind; our analytics provide advanced features which can be used in a wide range of applications and are easy to set up.
Our intelligent software operates with both indoor and outdoor cameras. It can detect a wide range of surveillance situations involving people, vehicles and other objects. Comprehensive filters mean the system can discriminate between behaviour appropriate to each surveillance scene, so classification is always accurate.

Easy to set up, VCA automatically adjusts to its conditions, making it is ideal for both experienced and untrained personnel to use. It can also be used within the home. Alternative software setups can have up to 100 setup parameters solely to adjust to lighting conditions.
VCA produces real, working results, solely with the end-user in mind. Software is ready to use from the box, but specific configuration requirements can also be made to guarantee that you are getting exactly what you need.
Multiple overlapping detection zones and lines can be set, ensuring that no sight goes unseen and all information is on one screen. This is in conjunction with the supporting 3D scene perspective, which automatically discriminates between human and vehicle objects, whilst rejecting others. The rapid ‘learning time’ of just two seconds also means that images are detected and classified almost instantly.


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