Vemotion announces the VB-40


~ Multi-channel, reliable live video feeds over GPRS, 3G, ADSL/DSL and Satellite ~

Vemotion Interactive, specialists in live video transmission over low bandwidth connections, today announced a powerhouse unit that connects multiple locations and control rooms together where other network options would be cost prohibitive. The low bandwidth video encoder provides multi-channel, reliable live video feeds with full manual and automatic bandwidth adaption to suit low cost network connections such as GPRS, 3G, ADSL/DSL and Satellite.

Full telemetry for control of cameras is provided and automatic bandwidth adaptation offers maximum flexibility. For example, simultaneous streams can be viewed from each VB-40 unit and the operator can choose to increase the resolution of any of the feeds to provide enhanced video quality. The VB-40 will respond by automatically changing the video quality of other feeds in order to give the required channel the most bandwidth. Then, after the event, the operator can return the unit to normal operation which will share the available bandwidth between all feeds once more.

The unit can be configured to accept up to 16 analogue video inputs or unlimited IP camera inputs. It uses Vemotion technology to compress and transmit live video over a variety of networks, including low bandwidth networks from location to location; typically, remote CCTV hubs back to a central control room and, optionally, out to other deployed operatives for remote access if required.

The VB-40 has been designed for maximum capacity and throughput. The ability to connect multiple cameras and configure multiple outputs gives maximum power, flexibility and efficiency of resources. VB-40 can be ‘dropped’ into location and give immediate access to camera systems already in place. For example, from a private CCTV hub for temporary remote access, or to connect multiple locations and control rooms together where other network options would be cost prohibitive.

“The VB-40 series requires power, multiple video inputs (16 analogue, unlimited IP) and a network via a separate 3G, Ethernet or satellite router and then, by installing a multi-screen viewer application on a PC or mobile device, you can view multiple live video feeds from wherever you are,” explained Stewart McCone, Managing Director of Vemotion Interactive Ltd.

As with all transmission technologies, seeing is believing.  Contact Vemotion for a demonstration.


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