Veracity claims 54% sales growth in 2010 and predicts further growth in 2011

Alastair McLeod - Veracity
Alastair McLeod, managing director of Veracity, predicts significant sales growth in 2011

Veracity, a designer and manufacturer of video surveillance solutions, says it enjoyed a period of rapid sales growth in 2010, with an even higher rate of growth in profits.

According to the company, sales grew by 54 per cent in 2010 while profits grew by an undisclosed percentage.

In 2010 the surveillance product manufacturer took on three new US staff and moved to larger offices in Glen Rock, New Jersey. It also moved to a new 7,200 square foot UK headquarters on the Prestwick International Aerospace Park, adjacent to Prestwick Airport, following recruitment of four new staff in the UK in the last 12 months.

The company credits the growth in part to the demand for the company’s innovative and award winning surveillance storage solution, ColdStore, together with a range of IP transmission products that have been the mainstay of the company’s product offering for a number of years.

Looking ahead, the company’s managing director, Alastair McLeod, predicts it will achieve even better results in 2011. The company will hire four new staff in the US and seven in the UK taking total headcount to 31 by the end of 2011.

ColdStore is a new design for high volume digital data storage. The company claims that the write often/read seldom nature of video surveillance data storage is ideally suited to the ColdStore hardware architecture. Using a system which it calls LAID™ (Linear Array of Idle Disks), Veracity claims to be able to reduce power consumption dramatically and enhance disk life.

ColdStore secured its first three deployments in major UK city centres during 2010. Many video management systems (VMS) providers have shown interest in integrating with it as demand grows.

Alastair McLeod, managing director and founder of Veracity UK Limited added:

“Veracity, which was five years old in October 2010, is running ahead of our long-term business plan. We are accelerating our product roadmap with new innovations in transmission and display technology for surveillance. We will also be increasing our investment in sales, partnerships and logistical support to continue the powerful sales momentum built last year.”

ColdStore has been designed to store massive volumes of video data at low cost and high reliability yet offers simple disk management and unique evidential handling options.  It is specifically aimed at the megapixel camera market, where required disk capacities can be extremely high.  ColdStore can deliver high capacities with low cost and will be an ideal platform for the recently announced 3TB disk drives, allowing a massive 45TB storage capacity per ColdStore unit, but using a total of only 50 watts of power.  Veracity’s low-cost, high-capacity technology will enable many megapixel camera projects which were previously not feasible, due to considerations of cost, reliability, sheer capacity, total system power consumption or system density.

The new range of OutReach PoE network range extenders are designed to help installers overcome the distance restrictions of wired Ethernet.   OutReach Max transmits power via CAT 5 or 6 Ethernet cables to all types of PoE devices including standard PoE (IEEE 802.3af), PoE Plus (IEEE 802.3at), 4-pair and even 60 watt (or more) unclassified ‘Super’ PoE devices. For installers requiring just a simple LAN extender, Veracity has also introduced OutReach Lite which allows Ethernet connections up to 200 metres without extending PoE.

Veracity’s PointSource is a rechargeable PoE battery pack and network adaptor to provide 6-8 hours of in-field use, allowing installers to install, configure and adjust IP cameras and lenses in situ before site power has been established, or PoE network switches installed.  PointSource is also ideal for field sales demonstration and testing of IP cameras and other PoE devices.

About Veracity
Veracity has developed a family of innovative products to support IP-Surveillance and general IT applications.  These products solve practical connectivity problems in IP system design and deployment. More generally, Veracity focuses on development of transmission, storage and display solutions.  It has specific expertise in supporting megapixel network video systems. The company has offices in the US and UK and its products are selling right across the world via direct sales and via a network of distributors.

Alastair McLeod, Managing Director, Veracity UK Limited
+44 (0)1292 264967

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