Visimetrics technology used at MOD weapons and equipment firing range

MOD Firing Range
MOD Firing Range

Data recording feature is used to search video footage using positional output from PTZ receivers at Eskmeals Ministry of Defence weapons firing range in Cumbria.

Leading manufacturer of Digital Evidence Recorders™ for CCTV and surveillance applications, Visimetrics, have delivered their flagship FASTAR CCTV recording solution to the MOD’s, Qinetic operated, Eskmeals Weapons and Equipment Firing range.

Managing Director, Brian Maguire of Systems Integrator Racam Security & Communications explains the concept of the solution; “This was more of a challenge than the majority of video recording applications we see. We’re using Visimetrics’ FASTAR DVR to record the positional output from the PTZ receivers directly with the video. There are three CCTV cameras used to identify objects located offshore by the tracking RADAR before the start of any exercises. Using the embedded data recording feature we can then search on the digitally recorded positional heading – effectively this works as a data index to search the video.”

“The solution was designed for safety reasons to complement the RADAR which monitors many miles offshore. The CCTV cameras are used to verify points of interest detected by the RADAR. However, even with huge lenses on the cameras there is a fairly large margin for error in locating objects due to the distances involved. Hence, the positional data is used to match up the heading of the camera with the reading from the RADAR to identify objects detected by the RADAR. All camera views are recorded in real-time by FASTAR in association with the PTZ receiver positions. This means that future reviews can use the data recorder to search incidents by noted areas and/or position.  The cameras are located at strategic points across the range while the recorder and review station are housed within the operations area. All transmission for video and positional data is met by a wireless network.”

Visimetrics Business Development Director, Gary James says,” This is a really interesting application and it plays straight into Visimetrics’ technology strengths. Racam came to us because they knew the extent of the data integration within FASTAR and its powerful search capabilities. Alternative solutions usually associate text and video using a text inserter to overlay onto the video. However this is only a picture overlay not a searchable piece of data. Visimetrics present the text to the video and record it separately. This allows us to instantly search hours or days worth of video – through our CONTROL SMS software – for specific points of known data references. The relevant video is then served up for closer inspection.”

“The firing range application is obviously slightly different from other applications that use this feature/functionality. More typically we see applications such as Access Control, EPOS, ANPR or fuel pump integration using this integrated association of searchable data and video.”

About Visimetrics
Visimetrics specialises in the design, development and manufacture of high-performance, digital video recording, storage and management systems for dedicated CCTV and video surveillance applications. Visimetrics solutions are deployed within critical CCTV applications such as casinos, prisons, police, ports, banks, education, transportation, city centre, government and military sites. Visimetrics work in partnership with consultants, integrators and technical partners to deliver CCTV solutions without compromise.


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