Vismo Global Tracking announces VismoStream for instant encrypted transmission

Vismo Global Tracking Solutions has announced a first with VismoStream – available now for instant encrypted transmission of live, covert video and audio from the Vismo app on any user’s smartphone anywhere in the world, or on a satellite phone where there is no mobile coverage.

“VismoStream begins operating the moment the app’s panic button is activated by a user who is caught up in a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation.” Says Colin Dale, VP Business Development at Vismo. “It doesn’t have to be a terrorist-led incident. It can be a transport or industrial accident, fire or flood, or a situation where a lone worker is experiencing hostility.”

The app sends the video and audio streams direct to a Vismo secure portal for live and later viewing and storage, via the internet connection – mobile or Wi-Fi – the smartphone is using. From there the streams are sent to personnel at control centres for further analysis, if required, and action to help the user.
The action includes giving advice, by SMS and email alerts to help optimise the user’s safety, sharing critical information with emergency and security services, and escalating it to intelligence services where appropriate.
If an incident is happening in the locality of the user that the user is unaware of – but has been reported to the emergency services – Vismo will alert the user via SMS and email and give advice on how to stay, or become, as safe as possible.

“VismoStream is a real progression in tracking. Until now, tracking apps have sent only covert audio recordings,” Dale says. “Combined with the recently-introduced Timed Check-In feature of the Vismo app, VismoStream is especially helpful for lone workers, giving them an automatic feed of information to a security centre, and advice, if they need help.”

Vismo has trademarked the VismoStream name globally, and the Vismo app is used by many Fortune 500 and FTSE companies – and NGOs and news agencies in regional hotspots – as a duty of care to employees and voluntary workers in the case of NGOs.
– Simple and immediate activation of video from traveller’s smartphone
– Real-time situational awareness and intelligence gathering
– Enabled on demand or in parallel with the Vismo Panic Button
– Secure storage of videos for later viewing
– Operates globally on Mobile & Wi-Fi Networks
– No additional configuration or setup required
– Compatible with iOS and Android devices
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