Visonic announces its PowerMaster Family is now available

PowerMaster Family
PowerMaster Family

Available wide range of peripherals expands the scope of safety, security applications

Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems and components, announced today that its PowerMaster family of wireless security systems, based on its PowerG technology, is now available to customers in the UK in PRO-Fit Kits configurations for easy installation. In addition, a broad, ever-expanding set of PowerG-based peripherals are also being released to help meet customers’ safety and security needs.

The PowerMaster PRO-Fit Kits are pre-enrolled for fast installation with no cabling or disruption to the home or business premises. PowerMaster family offers two control panel: PowerMaster-30 G2 is a professional wireless security, safety and control system, suitable for heavy-duty operation required in SMB installations and mid- to high-end residential premises. It accommodates more than 120 wireless devices: up to 64 zones, up to 32 keypads, up to 32 keyfobs, up to 8 sirens and up to 4 repeaters. PowerMaster-10 G2 is suitable for residential and SOHO installations and accommodates more than 120 wireless devices: up to 30 zones, up to 8 keypads, up to 8 keyfobs, up to 2 sirens and up to 4 repeaters.

In addition to the PRO-Fit Kits, several peripherals join the PowerMaster family. The KP-160 PG2 keypad is an Iconic touchscreen keypad that makes operating the alarm systems very easy. Two-way, wireless communication with the panel allows users to receive confirmation that the commands have been successfully executed. Also, audible exit/entry beeps inform users how much time is left before the system is armed. For enhanced security, the keypad can be used in hidden panel architecture to prevent intruders from locating and then disabling the control panel. The KP-160 is available in silver, black and white, and can be wall-mounted or placed on a table with stand.

The GSD-442 PG2 and GSD-441 PG2 Gas Detectors give early warning signs of dangerous gases to prevent harm or even death. The GSD-441 PG2 detects methane (CH4) – the gas commonly used for cooking and heating. The GSD-442 PG2 provides alarm indications when carbon monoxide (CO) is detected. Upon sensing the specific gases, both detectors provide visual and audible alarms and, when installed in a supervised system, also transmit alerts to the control panel.

The KF-235 PG Keyfob is a small 4-button keyfob that is used to perform the most common alarm commands: arming/disarming, panic alarm and viewing the system status. It provides instant visual indication that the requested command has been successfully executed. There is no need to remember codes and it is small enough to fit in a pocket. The keyfob is available in 4 different designs: rubber black, bubbles, silver and wood.

The PowerMaster PRO-Fit Kits are available only in the UK. The KP-160 PG2 Touchscreen Keypads, GSD-442 PG2 and GSD-441 PG2 Gas Detectors and KF-235 PG Keyfob are available through Visonic’s worldwide distribution network.


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