VIVOTEK receives top brand award

2013 top 10 influential smart HD cameras brand in China

VIVOTEK is honoured to announce its achievement as one of the top 10 most influential smart HD cameras brand in China in 2013. The brand selection activity is cosponsored by China Public Security Publisher, CPS, World Brand of Security Products, and China Public Security Research Institute Limited. The purpose of this election activity is to advocate the innovative technology and products of China’s security companies, and the importance of brand value for these companies to achieve continuous development and sustainable operation.

Founded in 2000, VIVOTEK is a technology-oriented company that boasts an outstanding R&D team, specialising in the R&D of sound and image compression processing technology, multimedia communication, and system-on-chip. Brand management has proven to be substantially beneficial for businesses to achieve sustainable growth and development. Thus, in 2003, VIVOTEK launched a global management plan for the brand. The strategic layout of VIVOTEK’s brand management is centered on providing products with high resolution, high quality, and high performance, all within a reasonable price range. Supreme, a series of professional high-end products, was launched in 2011 to further reinforce the market position and reputation of VIVOTEK. Numerous years of effort in brand establishment enabled VIVOTEK to minimise the impact of global financial crisis, thereby continuously expanding sales and further solidifying VIVOTEK’s beliefs for brand management and increasing resource investment.

The 2013 Top 10 Most Influential Brands organized by China Security adopted numerous indicators to evaluate and rank famous security brands worldwide. The evaluation standards stipulate that nominations must be a declared brand without an infringement of intellectual property rights and have annual sales that exceed RMB 30 million; a legally registered trademark; possess advanced, reliable, and innovative production technology; outstanding product quality; a comprehensive after sales service system; and high customer satisfaction.

The Executive Vice President of VIVOTEK, Steve Ma, stated that, “I hereby represent VIVOTEK to extend a special thank to the support and encouragement provided by the organisers and referee. Receiving this extraordinary honor and gaining recognition for brand management at the start of a new year inspires VIVOTEK to continue our endeavors in creating a brand and establishing a secure foundation for the domestic market. With the corporate philosophy of Integrity, Care, and Innovation, VIVOTEK will continue to take on challenges from the market and enhance brand management to expand our presence in China and the global market.”

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