What to expect at Asis GSX 2021


Asis GSX 2021 will be an integrated experience with in-person and digital features to proactively tackle today’s virtual and live preferences 

Asis GSX will be hosted at the Orange County Convention Centre and online via a digital platform, running from September 27-29. This live event will feature daily global keynote presenters and concurrent education sessions, which will focus on current issues in the security profession.  

If security is an endless game of offense and defense, the stakes have never been higher. As quickly as new threats are thwarted, new vulnerabilities are exposed, with cybersecurity attacks growing more organised by the day and physical security experiencing unprecedented challenges of its own. New risks require new rules of engagement—and GSX will offer security professionals the tools they need to stay at the top of their game. # 

Security Buyer catches up with ASIS Director, Business Development, Joey Martin to find out exactly what we can expect from this years’ show. 

What can we expect from this year’s show? 

GSX 2021 is an unprecedented hybrid event unlike any other our industry has seen before. We’re bringing together thousands of professionals—safely—to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, and convening everyone else who can’t make it via our online portal. GSX has always been the best-in-class event for security professionals to access the latest and greatest ideas, techniques, and products on the market—and we’re excited to be able to deliver that experience to attendees all over the world. 

What will be the biggest themes present? 

The GSX education lineup is organized into six learning theaters. Attendees can find education in these theaters relating to six themes: 

  • Offensive Strategies: Preparing for an Attack 
  • Defensive Strategies: Surviving the Unexpected 
  • Future Plays: Navigating the Changing Landscape 
  • Coaching: Building and Managing Teams 
  • Game Plans: What’s Next for Security 
  • Highlight Reel: Best Practices. 

Digital attendees can view livestreams of the Offensive Strategies and Defensive Strategies theaters, with sessions from the other theaters becoming available for streaming on-demand after a short delay. 

How will the event run post-restrictions and what precautions are you taking to ensure the safety of your visitors?  

The safety of our community is our #1 priority. We’ve partnered with Safe Expo to determine best measures to allow for an event experience where all stakeholders can safely and effectively learn, conduct business, and network. These measures include required face masks, an optional VaxPass, frequent cleaning, contact tracing, and more. The  Global Bio-risk Advisory Council® STAR™-accredited Orange County Convention Center has been an excellent partner in providing the safest environment for this event to be held. Visitors can learn more about our health and safety precautions at GSX.org/health-safety.   

What type of visitors frequent the show? 

GSX is ASIS International’s annual event, so our audience largely comprises security end-users from across the entire industry, representing everything from Fortune 500 companies down. Our attendees are security-minded individuals who are interested in exploring the latest and greatest products and services. We also attract a good number (around 20% of our audience) from the distribution channel, including integrators, resellers, installers, and retail. 

What do you think are the biggest trends and challenges in the industry currently? 

Things are never stagnant in the ever-evolving security landscape. Currently, the topics that are front-of-mind for many security professionals include insider threat, remote work and return to workplace, risk management, and political extremism/civil unrest. 

How can companies improve their cyber resilience? 

An organization is only as strong as its weakest link. The CyberCon Security Arena at GSX gives attendees the opportunity to meet with top cybersecurity solution providers and learn new strategies for mitigating cyber risk and reducing cyber vulnerabilities. Many sessions in the Future Plays theater will touch upon these topics, as will an additional on-demand session outlining the DoD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, which will go live on Sunday 26 September. 

What type of sessions will be available/which speakers are you looking forward to hearing from? 

Beginning with the GSX preview event on 15 September and continuing with each day of the show from 27-29 September, we have compelling keynote presentations from compelling subject matter experts: 

  • 15 September: Security 2030: Crossroads of Innovation and Transformation, Erik Qualman 
  • 27 September: How to Make Time Your Ally, Not Your Enemy, Dan Pink 
  • 28 September: Breaking the Spell of High Conflict, Amanda Ripley 
  • 29 September: Leading Through Uncertainty, Lieutenant General (ret) Nadja West 

These general sessions are just the icing on the cake, atop 80+ education sessions, game changers, and online exclusives that are sure to be of value to security professionals in any industry at any stage in their career. 

What are you most excited about for the show? 

We’re really looking forward to seeing how our audience engages with our new hybrid in-person and virtual format. We’ve been working hard to provide a safe and robust event for our in-person attendees and to deliver GSX content and training to professionals wherever they are in the world. Whether attendees join us in-person or remotely, we’re confident they’ll find that GSX is the foremost event for global security professionals to convene to develop their security game plans, network, and conduct commerce. 


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