Who’s Who – HID Global  

HID Global’s rich history and heritage, coupled with their innovative design, sets them apart from other access control manufacturers 

HID Global, a subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY Group, stands at the forefront of the secure identity solutions sector. With an impressive footprint that spans over a hundred countries, HID Global has grown to be a critical player in creating positive and trusted identity solutions. This expansive reach signifies their impact and the trust placed in them by businesses, governments, and institutions across the globe. 

Origins and Evolution 

The journey of HID Global began with a singular aim: to redefine the way we think about security and identification. Over the years, HID Global has acquired and integrated several innovative companies, each bringing its unique strengths, to bolster its offerings. This has enabled HID to diversify its product range and offer a comprehensive suite of identity solutions. 

Products and Solutions 

HID Global offers a vast array of products and services, each tailored to address the nuances of identification and security needs. Their product line-up can be broadly categorised into: 

Secure Issuance: HID Global is a trusted name when it comes to creating secure cards, from ID cards for students and employees to highly secure government identification credentials. 

Identity and Access Management: With the rise of digital transactions and the increasing need for secure cyber-physical systems, HID Global’s solutions in this category ensure that only authorised individuals get access, be it physical entry or digital. 

Embedded and Biometric Solutions: As the world moves towards integrating technology into every facet of life, HID Global’s embedded systems offer a seamless way to incorporate secure identity verification. Their biometric solutions, on the other hand, harness unique human attributes for identification, thereby elevating the security benchmark. 

Identity Applications: These solutions focus on the utilisation of identities, ensuring that they can be trusted and verified across a variety of platforms and applications, from mobile access to citizen identification. 

RFID and IoT: Recognising the future of interconnected devices and systems, HID Global has invested in creating secure, innovative solutions in the domain of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the Internet of Things (IoT). These solutions have applications in asset tracking, waste management, and a plethora of other sectors. 

Clients and Collaborations 

HID Global’s clientele is as diverse as its product portfolio. They cater to a multitude of sectors, including healthcare, finance, education, and government, to name a few. Their ability to customise and tailor solutions means that regardless of the size or nature of the business, HID Global can offer a solution that fits. 

Their success lies not just in their technological prowess but also in their ability to forge strong partnerships. Collaboration is at the heart of HID Global’s ethos. By working hand in hand with partners, customers, and even communities, HID ensures that their solutions are not just technologically sound but also practically viable. 

Future Vision and Commitment 

Looking ahead, HID Global remains committed to its vision of a world where identities, both physical and digital, are trusted and secure. Their dedication to innovation is evident in their continued investment in research and development. This commitment ensures that as the challenges of security and identification evolve, HID Global will remain a step ahead, offering solutions that are both relevant and cutting-edge. 

In conclusion, HID Global isn’t just a company; it’s a global entity that’s reshaping the landscape of secure identity solutions. With a history of excellence and a future brimming with possibilities, HID Global is set to remain a dominant force in the world of security and identification for years to come. 

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