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Identiv discusses how securing the physical world with digital innovations is the next solution for innovative, seamless authentication in the security market 

It is no secret we live in a complex world. We are all navigating challenging times. Enterprises across the globe face a threat landscape spanning physical and digital spheres. 

The physical and digital world are interchangeable, making verification the currency to ensure people, products, services, and systems fulfill their intended purpose and have access to the right environment at the right time. Securing this “phygital” space demands constant ingenuity to stay one step ahead.   

Access, video and audio now exist on consolidated platforms. IT security requirements are applied to physical security because of the demand for integrated infrastructure. Mobile-enabled systems are standard, and the industry is using a tremendous amount of available data and events to provide better situational awareness to customers. 

All of these are positive steps forward for the security and identity markets. Identiv is here to help our customers build more proactive approaches to safety, IT security, situational awareness, and secure identification.  

The industry’s path over the past few years mirrors Identiv’s corporate history in many ways. What started as siloed, separate brands within our organisation is now an end-to-end, integrated suite of technology solutions. The connected world is no longer something we are just talking about; the benefits are finally tangible. 

Digitally securing the physical world 

Identiv delivers innovative, end-to-end security solutions. Our access control, identity, cybersecurity, NFC, RFID, video management, cybersecurity and cloud solutions allow organisations to take a leading-edge approach to security while being mindful of the customer experience. 

We are laser-focused on delivering seamless authentication and security solutions, verifying frictionless access and anywhere operations, protecting identities from malicious attacks, securing intellectual property, and driving IoT innovation.  

But how does that make us different? We deliver the full spectrum of solutions our customers need while providing the highest quality and global scale of systems to best fit their growth trajectory. We digitally secure the physical world. 

Your world, verified  

Our physical access control and video intelligence solutions provide the highest security at the lowest cost. Robust, feature-rich systems, hardware, and software verify remote access managed from anywhere.  

On the identity side of the business, Identiv’s logical access control technology identifies and verifies users to safely and securely access data. Multi-factor authentication and passwordless experiences provide the strongest cybersecurity, while remote authentication and embedded application solutions protect data on-the-go, in the office, or at home.  

We provide credentials, IDs, and smart cards to verify the identity of employees, temporary workers, and visitors. The portfolio features form factors for physical or logical access control, converged access, transit payment, brand protection, time and attendance, cashless vending and IoT applications. 

Identiv’s innovative RFID and NFC team handles research, design, and manufacturing. Tags and inlays verify identities and security in the IoT and are embedded in billions of everyday objects, including medical devices, books, toys, athletic apparel, perishables and pharmaceuticals. 

We are always looking towards the future of the IoT, reaching beyond the technology of today to help our customers design and dream the experiences of tomorrow. 


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