Zaun Buys CCTV Expert, EyeLynx

Zaun has acquired EyeLynx Limited, a specialist developer and manufacturer of video and electronic security solutions. The acquisition enables the company to offer complete perimeter security solutions to customers.

The founders of EyeLynx, Jay M Patel and Francisco Feijoo, have delivered comprehensive solutions using their SharpView software and have collaborated with Zaun for more than two years, making the purchase the natural next step forward for both companies.

Zaun buys cctv specialist 2Co-founder and director Alastair Henman said, “They are great guys with an exciting product and the synergy with customers is plain to see, so we look forward to helping the tie-up to thrive.

“We are giving them all the support they need to develop state-of-the-art perimeter protection solutions that integrate with Zaun’s fencing products. As well as growing EyeLynx, this moves Zaun towards an integrated perimeter security systems offering.”

EyeLynx, which has offices in Chessington in Surrey and Zaragoza in Spain, has created SharpView, the highest performance system for HD, MegaPixel CCTV. Built-in capabilities for Video Content Analysis mean that SharpView is also the smartest recording and management system in the security industry.

EyeLynx’s Pharos system is the only true Rapid Deployment High Definition (HD) surveillance system on the market with Edge Recording Cluster ERCTM capability to incorporate an intelligent recorder, management software and wireless communications all in the same unit.

Using the SharpView recording engine, Pharos can accommodate multiple slave PTZ cameras of any make connected into the master.

Cameras record HD 24/7 and whenever the perimeter is compromised or a potential intruder approaches too close to the fence, Pharos will send a snapshot alert to the control centre for visual verification – or even to assigned personal mobile devices, such as the police chief or nearest constable to the breach.

Zaun buys cctv specialist 3Zaun and EyeLynx have developed a rapid deployment CCTV tower with embedded cabling and an integrated power cabinet in the post base to enable quick and easy on-site deployment without the need for heavy machinery.

With the lowest power consumption in the market, remote connectivity is achieved over wireless 3G or 4G and only the master unit needs a SIM card, which beams the video intelligence to a workstation or mobile device into which anyone authorised can dial-in to view live footage, or rewind and replay from any of the cameras.

The system was successfully deployed at the Conservative party’s annual autumn conference at the ICC in Birmingham two weeks ago.

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