Survey: SaaS applications to grow

Survey: 86% of EMEA IT experts expect the number of SaaS applications in the enterprise to grow in the next 18 months. SailPoint shares three key steps IT teams should take as Brits start to migrate back to the workplace SailPoint, the leader in identity management, has found that 86% of IT experts in EMEA expect their organisation’s number of SaaS applications to grow over the next 18 months, even


Intelligent keys and their impact on leisure

Places of leisure, where we spend our downtime, are public by design. Unlike a bank vault or power plant, they actively invite visitors. You can’t just lock them down and hope no one turns up. Equally, to ensure user and property safety, access must not be a free for all. Managing risk — separating authorised from unauthorised people and locations — is part of every site manager’s daily routine. Intelligent

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