ProControl+ Voice Push Notifications – Peace of mind in any scenario

Keeping you connected and informed, no matter where you are
Ensuring a property is safe and secure at all times is vital.
With the use of an Indoor Wi-Fi Cube camera, being able to check on your property from the inside is easier than ever, when combined with the ProControl+ app. Providing instant voice push notifications when motion is detected and being able to visually verify the security of a property with real-time HD video, can provide additional peace of mind and allows for any relevant actions to be taken.
Alternatively, leaving a property in a rush can mean that activating the alarm system is sometimes forgotten. However, with the ProControl+ app, arming an alarm is a simple task wherever you are.
Ensuring your home and family is protected, when you need it most.
Protecting the perimeter, verifying any danger
Maintain a secure boundary and be informed instantly of intruders.
Perimeter protection is one of the most effective ways to prevent an intruder. Ensure continual boundary monitoring with the Outdoor Wi-Fi Mini Dome Camera with built-in 3-axis adjustment system and motion detection. The camera also features an IK10 vandal resistance rating, making it highly resistant to impact. Any intruder attempts via motion or tampering will be alerted to the user directly via ProControl+, providing real-time voice push notifications and allowing for the relevant action to be taken, in order to prevent the intruder from getting any further into the property.
Building an all rounded security system with ProControl+, for complete property protection.
Warning when smoke is detected
In 2018, 30,744 home fires were attended in England by Fire and Rescue Services.
Smoke and fires can occur in residential or commercial properties for a number of reasons. Ensuring a property is protected around the clock from such damaging circumstances is vital, even if you are not in the property. Using a SMOKE-WE detector programmed into an Enforcer panel and combined with ProControl+ app alerts, provides seamless monitoring with instant voice push notifications. This advanced warning allows for the necessary actions to be taken, restricting as much damage as possible to the property and allowing possible additional time for the property to be evacuated.
Providing protection for both you and your property.
Letting you know when they get home
When you’re away from your property, a disarmed alarm system can be cause for concern.
ProControl+ delivers real-time voice push notifications to your phone, when your property’s alarm has been deactivated. Within the notification, ProControl+ will let you know who has disarmed your alarm system, informing you when your family are home safely. For additional security, combining the app with the Indoor Wi-Fi PT Dome camera can provide added peace of mind by providing visual verification. The camera features a wide dynamic range and pan/tilt rotation, allowing you to check exactly who has disarmed your alarm system.
Letting you know when your family get home safely.
Protecting from hidden dangers
As well as protecting your family against outside dangers, ensuring they are safe inside is also important.
Silent dangers such as Carbon Monoxide can be extremely harmful to those in a home or working environment. The CO-WE detects harmful colourless and odourless carbon monoxide (CO) in a property and warns of any build-up levels, allowing for the relevant precautions to be taken. When programmed into an Enforcer panel, the device also features a Signal Strength Indicator the control panel, as well as any wireless devices, meaning the CO levels can be checked continuously. Similarly, combining the CO-WE with ProControl+ allows for voice push notifications to be sent instantly, should the CO reach a dangerous level in the atmosphere and be activated.
Raising the alarm to any intrusion
Preventing an intruder in the first instance may be the best solution. Being alarmed when an intrusion attempt is made on your home or business can be key to preventing access for the intruder. With movement detectors to identify forced entry into a property, the SHOCK-WE alarms to potentially scare an intruder away. Combined with ProControl+ and an Outdoor Wi-Fi Mini Dome camera, instant voice push notifications will identify the potential intrusion and provide immediate visuals of the property, allowing for the appropriate action to be taken, even if the user is away from the property.
Securing your property against potential intrusion.

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