UHF Combi Card endusre compatibility and seamless integration with existing access control applications


Used for both people and vehicle access, the UHF ISO Combi Card offered by Nortech is a card with a long range UHF tag and proximity or smartcard technology. Designed for use with the uPASS range, the card’s features ensure that only one card is required for both vehicle and building access applications.

Based on passive UHF technology, the UHF Combi Card by Nedap is identified up to 10 metres with the uPASS Target, five metres with the uPASS Reach or two metres with the uPASS Access. The card does not contain a battery making it maintenance free and typical applications include parking areas in combination with building access at gated communities, universities and offices.

The UHF Combi Card combines UHF technology with proximity or smartcard technology that is used for building access. This combination ensures compatibility and seamless integration with existing access control applications. The UHF Combi Card supports several technologies, these are UHF – Mifare, UHF – Mifare Desfire, UHF – Legic, UHF – EM, UHF – HID prox and UHF – HID iClass.

The UHF Combi Card is featured with special security protection to provide data integrity and prevent copying. The card has a thin, ISO format that can be used with several optionally available plastic card holders.

The UHF ISO Card is a long-range identification tag that only uses UHF technology for vehicle or people access control. Customized printing of the UHF Combi Card and UHF ISO Card is available on request.


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