Antibacterial keys help you stay hygienic

If you take a moment to think about all the surfaces and objects that your keys touch, you may be reminded about just how many germs they actually pick up and carry around. This is why Mul-T-Lock has launched a new antibacterial key solution for all of its cylinders, locks and padlocks.

To make its customers feel safer, Mul-T-Lock’s new keys help to reduce the growth of bacteria, making it a more hygienic solution for everyone to use. This is achieved via an antibacterial plastic head, featuring an agent that suppresses the growth of unwanted bacteria. The new keys have been successfully tested to ISO 22196, showing significantly lower bacterial contamination compared to other keys.

Antibacterial KeysWith the plastic heads available in a dark green colour for easy recognition, the antibacterial solution is also offered as a full metal key, should a customer prefer this. Metal keys from Mul-T-Lock that adhere to these requirements will include the antibacterial logo on the key head and also meet ISO 22196 testing standards.

Claire Blakemore, Managing Director at Mul-T-Lock explains: “Mul-T-Lock has a strong reputation for developing and designing keying solutions that meet the evolving needs of people’s businesses, homes and families. As part of this, we are committed to considering new ways in which we can make our customers feel safer and more secure. Our new antibacterial keys have been created with this in mind, at a time when no-one can afford to be complacent about hygiene.

“Offered for our entire range of cylinders, locks and padlocks, Mul-T-Lock’s new antibacterial keys ensure you never again have to compromise when it comes to how hygienic your keying systems are. Tested to ISO 22196, customers can have confidence and peace of mind that the antibacterial solution keeps the collection of contaminants on the surface of the key to an absolute minimum and vastly reduces the spread of bacteria.

“And with customers able to choose between an instantly recognisable solution featuring the plastic green heads, or a more traditional metal composite product if they prefer, you can be assured that we have the right solution to meet every need.

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