Putting intelligent keys to work in our public services

Putting intelligent keys to work in our public services: Resilience and efficiency have become watchwords for our public institutions, before, during and after the ongoing health crisis. In delivering services fit for the modern world, these institutions need more than just innovation and accountability. They require flexibility and agility, too, including in how they approach security. The lock and key have enjoyed public trust for a long time. Keys were

COVID-19’s first wave of cybersecurity

COVID-19’s first wave of cybersecurity

David Grey, Senior Manager, NTT, analyses NTT’s 2020 first wave Global Threat Intelligence Report during the Coronavirus pandemic when cyber security risks are at their highest Here we are a few months on from when our news feeds started talking about a new disease in China and the world has changed in ways we never imagined. However, while most of us have had to adapt to new ways of working

kenilworth Court Press 02

Case study: Kenilworth Court

Amthal has worked closely with the management team and residents at Kenilworth Court to ensure fire and security upgrades on site occur without compromising on aesthetics of the Edwardian mansion blocks. Situated in Putney, Kenilworth Court consists of eight purpose built Edwardian style blocks of flats, completed in 1904 – 1905. Featuring 150 portered flats, with a garden in the middle, it is now run by the controlling company, Kenilworth


Healthcare challenges the security industry

Healthcare challenges the security industry: Innovative response by the security industry to the Nation’s need for rapid prototyping during the Coronavirus pandemic  In March, as hospital beds around the country filled up with patients suffering from respiratory distress due to COVID-19, the Department of Defense assembled a rapid-reaction team of medical professionals and engineers to harness innovation to address the projected 75,000 shortfall of ventilators. Leveraging the U.S. Special Operations

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