Argus partners with ievo™ to enhance its biometric applications

Argus partners with ievo

Leading supplier of biometrically-enabled applications, Argus Global, has partnered with ievo™ to enable more secure, efficient use of fingerprint technology with its applications.

The multi-spectral fingerprint reader from ievo™ has already been integrated with Argus’ CornerSafe module, for secure keysafe management, with many new projects underway.

Argus has chosen to partner with ievo™ due to the unsurpassed capabilities of ievo™ fingerprint technology. Unlike standard fingerprint readers, ievo™ multi-spectral readers are unaffected by variations in fingerprint quality due to dirt or grease; and they work in even the harshest conditions, for example in freezing temperatures, rain and direct sunlight. The fingerprint readers are ideal for environments like construction sites and are set to be used in a multi-million pound project to secure the Scottish National Arena at the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Commenting on the partnership, Ken Farrow, Director of Argus Global Australia, says: “At Argus we only partner with biometric suppliers with proven, robust technologies that we know will meet our clients’ security requirements. Many of our customers operate in high risk environments where both low FAR and fast processing are critical to a successful implementation. Unfortunately many of the standard fingerprint technologies simply don’t fulfil client requirements, ievo™ does. I’m looking forward to many future installations with ievo™, across the globe.”

Stuart Ging, Director for ievo™ comments, “The ievo™ fingerprint reader has been designed from the outset to easily integrate into established and market leading systems such as Argus Global’s CornerSafe module.  Our ievo™ reader has an IP rating of 65, therefore providing our customers with a trustworthy biometric that is fully functional amidst harsh environments. This is imperative to our business ethos and something we clearly share with Argus Global. We look forward to ievo™ being represented in Argus Global’s vast portfolio of high profile customers, and generating new business for both companies.”

About Argus
Established in 1997, Argus Global is a leading provider of biometrically-enabled enterprise level solutions. Argus’ solutions ensure reduced risk, increased efficiency and improved information management across a wide range of business and security processes.Argus’ solutions encompass access control, visitor management, prisoner movement, asset management, time capture and key management.Argus’ end to end solutions are highly flexible. Its applications readily integrate with 3rd party systems, for example building management systems and information management systems, leveraging new value from existing applications and protecting future investments. At Argus, systems are designed to integrate with any biometric device, to deliver single, dual factor or multi-modal biometric solutions.

About ievo™
Leveraging over a decade of biometric experience, ievo™ develops biometric solutions for the access control market. Their background has driven them to consider all aspects of biometric installation in the design of their products, from the specification process and installation all the way through to the end user experience. The newest offering delivers a minimalist, reliable and fit-for-purpose solution that allows seamless integration and works alongside currently installed systems using card/fob/PINs, as opposed to looking to replace whole systems. ievo™ ensures that the best sensor is used and all other components are of the highest quality possible, including a world leading algorithm. Meaning that the ievo™ reader functions amidst the harshest weather conditions and even with problem fingerprints. Coupled with its low cost, the ievo™ solution takes biometrics into new markets that have previously withdrawn from or have not been suitable for biometrics due to the low quality of traditional products. Located in the United Kingdom, ievo™ readers are currently available direct to trade customers in the UK and globally.

For further information please contact:

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