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Stuart Bettle, Video Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Tyco, Johnson Controls, divulges the latest technological solutions available that can help fight infection and contamination  

The world we live in has changed dramatically over the past year, with the Coronavirus pandemic uprooting traditional ways of life and work. The new normal has forced companies to adapt and create new innovative technologies to help aid the fight against Covid-19 and assist in infection control, particularly for business owners.  

Security Buyer Editor, Rebecca Spayne, catches up with Stuart Bettle, Video Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Tyco, to discover how their adoption of smart technology, AI, contactless access control and thermal imaging can present the perfect means for keeping your building and employees safe during the pandemic.  

How can your solutions help combat Covid-19 and contamination? 

Some of our solutions and the technologies utilised within them, have been adapted. Others have been developed especially for the job in hand. Johnson Controls’ customers can be confident that all can be relied upon as powerful, accurate and highly effective tools, which will help prevent the spread of contamination.   

With thermal imaging cameras which detect elevated body temperatures, friction-less access control and face mask detection, as well as software platforms which enhance situational awareness and make it virtually effortless to remotely manage activity at multiple sites, Johnson Controls is increasingly being regarded as a one-stop resource by businesses looking for innovative and yet affordable solutions which will enable them to safely operate in our new normal world.  



There has perhaps never been a greater need for an access control solution which is truly hands-free 



There is a rise in demand for contactless access control, do you provide this for your customers? 

There has perhaps never been a greater need for an access control solution which is truly hands-free and yet provides users with a reliable and robust way of controlling and visually verifying who has access to restricted areas. 

Engineered with Tyco AI and deep learning algorithms, Illustra Insight capitalises on the innovative features of a high definition camera which has been equipped with leading-edge facial recognition technology and has been seamlessly integrated with CEM Systems AC2000, Software House C·CURE 9000 security and third-party access control, event and security software platforms.  

Utilising two imaging sensors to create a 3D facial topology which can quickly distinguish between an actual person and a spoofed picture of a human being, Illustra Insight is designed to create an unobtrusive, friction-less and totally hygienic way of enabling large numbers of authorised people to enter an area without coming into contact with door furniture. Faces can be detected from up to three metres away, with simultaneous multi-face processing, in less than one second. 

Integrated LEDs combined with ‘Welcome/Deny’ audio messaging ensures visitors and colleagues instantly know if they are allowed to enter an area, whilst the opportunity to set up a customised audio greeting creates a unique user experience. 

Could you tell us a bit more about what other benefits Tyco’s access control has? 

Adding to the ability to provide a high level of security which does not disrupt a constant flow of employees, contractors and visitors, Tyco’s Access control software platforms have also been integrated with a wide range of other friction-less entry access control devices, including the following:  

  • Stonelock facial biometric readers 
  • Idemia VisionPass facial biometric readers 
  • Idemia Morphowave Compact friction-less fingerprint biometric readers 
  • Eyelock Iris based biometric readers 

In addition, Tyco’s security management software supports the following exit devices: 

  • T.REX friction-less smart exit detectors 
  • Touchless request to exit button 

Smart technology in thermal imaging has progressed a long way to help fight Covid-19, how are Tyco contributing to this? 

The Tyco Illustra Pro EST dual image camera generates an alert if the skin temperature of a person being scanned is above normal.  

Although not intended to diagnose any medical condition or illness, the combination of a 5-megapixel video surveillance camera and a thermal imaging camera supported by External Temperature Reference Source (ETRS) calibration technology, enables the Pro EST with a high degree of accuracy to identify people with a higher than expected temperature. It is therefore able to act as a first-line filter for businesses and organisations to identify if colleagues, contractors, customers or visitors might have a fever.  

Using advanced face detection technology, the Pro EST has an accuracy tolerance of just ± 0.2⁰ C when in single person scanning mode and is effective at distance of 1 to 2 meters. 



 It is able to act as a first-line filter for businesses and organisations to identify if colleagues, contractors, customers or visitors might have a fever 



Facial coverings have become the norm, how difficult is it for a business to regulate this? 

With countries around the world applying stringent rules to prevent the spread of the pandemic spreading, the UK government is not alone in making it compulsory to wear a face covering when using public transport, as well as when a person is visiting or working within retail, healthcare and other environments.  

Tyco AI is an ever-evolving deep learning technology which is infusing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the Johnson Control’s Tyco security product’s portfolio. Integrating Tyco AI with both exacqVision 20.09 and victor 5.6 video recording and management software has facilitated the development of a face mask detection solution which assists businesses to operate safely and comply with government regulations. 

Simply explained, the face mask detection solution analyses images captured by cameras connected to exacqVision or victor and notifies safety and security personnel if someone is detected entering a building and is not wearing a mask. You can read more on our website here 

How has technology been adapted in innovative ways to aid infection control?   

Specialist people counting analytics originally developed to enable retailers to gain a greater understanding of customer behaviour and to measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities, can be easily adapted to provide data on the number of people entering or leaving a building. When the maximum allowed number is reached, the application can be programmed to carry out a wide range of actions, such as generating ‘enter’ or ‘please wait’ messages which are displayed on a monitor or controlling the opening and closing of doors.  

Depending on where the cameras are located and on the field of view, Illustra Pro or Flex models, for example, are able to capture data which can be analysed by people counting video analytics running on the VideoEdge NVR recording system, whilst at the same time also provide an affordable option for capturing high definition images of any suspicious activity or anti-social behaviour. 

No two businesses or organisations are likely to have the same operation requirements. Some users may need a comprehensive electronic security products package which covers all aspects of contamination prevention, whilst others may just need to ‘pick and mix’ from the extensive list of available solutions, only some of which have been covered in this interview. Either way, users can be assured that knowledgeable Johnson Controls pre and post sales personnel are able to expertly guide them through the system design and product specification process.  


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Editor, Security Portfolio

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