Tyco Security Robot at Intersec 2022

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Tyco Security Robot

The Tyco Security Robot powered by Ava Robotics debuts in Dubai at Intersec 2022 on January 16, 2022. Intersec brings together professionals and companies involved in security, rescue, safety and protection issues, products and services. Johnson Controls chose Ava Robotics, a specialist in designing and developing intelligent robots for workplace applications to improve human productivity, safety and quality of life, for its new Tyco Security Robot powered by Ava Robotics. Tyco previously debuted a concept robot in September at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference.

Robots specifically designed to meet the complex needs of the workplace and the people providing security for those workplaces and can transform the way facilities monitor and activate advanced security processes. Johnson Controls employs Ava security robots to enhance the effectiveness of their powerful Tyco Illustra cameras and to deliver an intelligent, autonomous security technology solution.

The security robot provides enhanced deterrence and high-quality evidence for investigations, managing repeatable security tasks and enabling security personnel to focus on high-value activities. This combination of robots with existing reporting practices and historical trend analysis can improve the security posture of organisations by uncovering gaps, driving behavioral change and providing data to drive business decisions. The robot provides:

  • People detection.
  • Incident prevention.
  • Monitoring and management.
  • Comprehensive security coverage.
  • Operations beyond traditional security.

The security robot supports both basic security operations as well as highly sophisticated ones, addressing evolving security and facility monitoring needs by streamlining operations, maximising staffing resources and automating processes to empower staff to take the right action in real time. The security robots deliver:

  • Security technology that is mobile, intelligent, intuitive and interactive.
  • Security technology that augments human activities and automates tasks.
  • Security systems enhancements utilising robots that create a sense of confidence around security efforts.
  • Utility that improves the workplace, empowers staff and improves overall facilities functionality.

“With the security robot, we enable workplaces to realise better business outcomes, operations and access by uncovering unmet needs in the workplace, especially those that can be solved through augmentation and automation. This purposeful approach creates better work environments for people and enriches the workplace,” said Marcio Macedo, Co-Founder and VP of products at Ava Robotics.

With deep technical heritage from iRobot, Ava Robotics is a robotics technology company that designs and builds intelligent robots for the workplace. Delivering on a vision of robots working with and for people, Ava’s technology emphasises user experience, safety and autonomous mobility to empower people, while advancing business operations and access.


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